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To find out if Online Learning is the right route for you, make note of the following resources.

  • Consider taking SDS 102: Online Readiness to test-drive an online course while learning academic skills you need to succeed. SDS 102 is a 2-week, 1-credit course that meets restricted elective requirements. The course is offered fully online, with no required face-to-face meetings and no textbook.
  • Take the Canvas orientation if you have never used Canvas as an online classroom
  • Refer to the Technical Requirements page to verify that your computer is capable of working with the Canvas environment. Keep in mind that distance courses require you to have reliable access to a computer with an Internet connection.
  • Take a quick multiple-choice quiz “Is Online Learning for Me?” to help you assess if you are ready to take online classes.


Remember: Distance learning is not for everyone. Students that need daily contact, whether due to educational experience or learning style, may prefer a traditional classroom setting. Those who need daily social interaction and immediate feedback, as well as those who have difficulty managing time and need a more structured environment may also prefer a classroom environment. See Course formats for more information on the various course format options.




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