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Most distance courses include online quizzes or tests. But, some instructors may require that you take these assessments in the presence of a proctor. A proctor is a person that administers tests to student within the parameters established by the course instructor. When in doubt, contact your instructor. The center administers paper-and-pencil or online tests. Other types of testing can be accommodated with enough advance notice.Proctoring service is free to students taking WVC courses. The service is also available to non WVC students for a fee.  Along with Face to Face Proctor options, we support Recorded Online Proctor and Live online Proctor.

Frequently asked questions about proctoring:
  1. Do all distance course tests require a proctor? No - A few instructors require proctored tests, but many don't. When in doubt, ask your instructor.
  2. How do I schedule a proctored test? Proctored testing is by appointment only, so please contact Mistie Larch at mlarch@wvc.edu (Monday through Thursday 8 am - 1pm). For Omak campus contact  test proctor for non-wvc students Katie Walker at email kwalker@wvc.edu, 509-422-7848. For WVC Omak students, contact 509-422-7845 as soon as you find out that your instructor requires you to take proctored tests (unless your instructor has already made arrangements for your class.) 
  3. Where is the proctor center? Wenatchee campus Room 1033, Wing 3 of Wells Hall, Omak campus Room 205, Friendship Hall.
  4. What are the Recorded Online Proctor hours? Service available 24/7 but must be set up within regular office hours (1-5pm M-F).
  5. How much does proctoring cost? Non WVC Students pay a fee: $25.00 per test.The service is free to students enrolled in WVC courses
  6. How do I pay the proctoring fee? Payments are made at the Cashier's Office, 1st floor of Wenatchi Hall or Omak campus at the Administration Office. State that it is a Proctored testing fee and bring receipt with you to your test. You may also pay by phone with a credit/debit card and ask that a receipt be sent to the test proctor. (Pay by phone option is mandatory for both Online Proctor options, receipt must be received by Proctor prior to testing). 
  7. Does WVC proctoring center support Lockdown Browser? Yes - See the page "Taking Tests With Respondus Lockdown Browser"


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