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The services described on this page are available to all Wenatchee Valley College students including those who are enrolled in face-to-face courses.

Getting Help (For quick answers, view the distance learning FAQs page)

1. Online tutoring: WVC partners with the Northwest eTutoring Consortium to provide free online tutoring to all WVC students. Live online tutoring is available for Accounting; Anatomy & Physiology; Biology; Chemistry; Math (developmental through calculus); MS Office 2007; Outpatient Medical Coding; Physics; Spanish; Statistics; and Web Development (xHTML, CSS, and Adobe Dreamweaver). Writing assistance is offered with a 24-hour turnaround for comments. To get started, visit the Northwest eTutoring Consortium website where you’ll find login information, more information about subjects offered, and technical support.

2. Turnitin: A web-based service which provides "originality reports" for student writing (to avoid plagiarism), an online paper mark-up system, and peer-to-peer writing evaluation.

3. Panopto: A learning tool used by some instructors and WVC community to record presentations and discuss assignments. If the instructor makes recordings available to students you will access them through a Panopto link(s) found inside of your canvas course. You can view Panopto recordings on your computer or a mobile device (iPhone and Android). The added benefits of class recordings include reviewing lecture materials until you are able to understand difficult concepts and take notes.

Some instructors may have class assignments that require students to use Panopto to record class presentations from home. To get help with installation of the Panopto recorder software and how to use it contact your instructor. You may also seek help from Electronic Media Producer: 509-682-6709, BMcginnis@wvc.edu, or Helpdesk: 509-682-6550. 

4. Media Production Services: Students, faculty and staff have access to a wide range of the latest imaging, editing, animation, sound, and graphics software, as well as camcorders, iPads, and production kits for filming. Students, faculty and staff may now work in a private editing room on new, fully-equipped editing systems. This editing room contains both Mac-based and Windows-based production stations that use Adobe's Creative Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash) as the primary software programs for editing. The production suite also affords a designated space for students, faculty and staff to record Panopto videos. A whiteboard, webcam, microphone and document camera are available for recordings. For more information about media production, visit the Media Production Services web page.

5. Library Resources: Electronic books, articles, and streaming videos. Get materials from other library services, and live chat with a librarian. All available 24/7. See a list and description of library resources.

One of the most popular library services include Ask a Librarian: An on-demand 24/7 live chat reference service. Anyone who needs help finding information may submit questions through a link on the library’s website. Questions are answered by staff at the WVC library or by any librarian participating in our worldwide network of reference librarians. Click on the Ask a Librarian Tab.

6. Access to student records: You can access your records online by going to the Student Kiosk. Next, choose the appropriate option such as unofficial transcript, address change, tuition and fee records, etc.

7. Student goal tracking: A web-based tool available to all WVC students to plan courses they will take toward their program of study. Students and academic advisers use the Student Goal Tracking System (SGT) to share information about student academic planning. SGT may include student program of study, estimated program completion date, needed support, courses, and notes from both students and an adviser.

8. Just In Time (JIT) Alerts: The JIT Alerts system is available to faculty allowing them to provide feedback to students at any time. When an instructor submits a JIT Alert, an automated email is  sent to the following people: 1) the student, 2) the completion coach,  3) the student's academic adviser, 4) and the submitting instructor. For questions about a JIT Alert you receive contact your instructor or completion coach (Rigo Garcia for Wenatchee campus: 509-682-6553 or Vicki Turner for Omak Campus: 509-422-7812).

9. Emergency Text Alerts: The Emergency Text Alerts system sends notifications about campus emergencies or unplanned closures to the cell phones or other mobile devices of students, staff, and faculty. For more information and to sign up, click here.

10. Online Advising: Visit the online advising tools website to see contact information, including that for Educational Planners, Counselors, the Career Center Coordinator, and the Special Populations Coordinator.

11. Test Proctoring: Most WVC distance courses include online quizzes or tests. But, some instructors may require that you take these assessments in the presence of a proctor. Along with Face to Face Proctor options, we support Recorded Online Proctor and Live Online Proctor. The instructor will give you specific guidelines to follow. Proctoring service is free to students taking WVC courses. The service is also available to Non-WVC student for a fee. Contact Test Proctor: 509-682-6863 or Distance Learning office: 509-682-6718 to arrange a proctoring session and payment options. Find more information on the Proctoring Service page.

12. Special accommodation: Whether you are planning to take classes on campus or online, there may be issues of access to instruction and to your participation that should be explored as early as possible. WVC will provide reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disability, in accordance with Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act laws, the Rehabilitation ACT of 1973 and Washington State Law. Contact Carl Boyd in the Special Populations Office at 509.682.6854, TTY/TTD 509.682.6853, email: CBoyd@wvc.edu. Providing your name, email and/or phone number will enable the Special Population Coordinator to contact you.

13. Assistive technology for students with disabilities: JAWS, ZOOM text, Dragon Naturally Speaking software are loaded on several computers in the library and testing center located in Wenatchi Hall. The ZOOM text software is available in various classrooms as needed.   Digital Voice Recorders, ergo keyboards, and lumbar supports are also available for those students with disabilities who may need them. Contact Special Population Coordinator to discuss your assistive technology needs.




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