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Some courses you take at Wenatchee Valley College may be hosted by a different community college in the state of Washington, and the instructor may be from that college.  Those courses are offered through WashingtonOnline (WAOL) system, but they show up on your transcript as Wenatchee Valley College courses and credits.

WashingtonOnline is a cooperative effort by Washington community college system to provide distance courses necessary for your educational program. These courses are available to students at several different colleges throughout the state, and they are offered completely online.

  • Students enrolled in WAOL courses are responsible for being familiar with the student rights, responsibilities and code of conduct of the enrolling college(s).
  • Students served by the WashingtonOnline are subject to the policies and procedures that govern student conduct, disciplinary procedures, procedures for resolving conflicts regarding student conduct, and technology acceptable use policy which are in place at the enrolling college.
  • Jurisdiction and authority for discipline of students served by the WashingtonOnline will rest with the enrolling college, however administrators and faculty of the teaching college and/or the WashingtonOnline staff may be included in investigations prior to final decisions regarding a discipline situation. All appeals will be handled according to the policies of the enrolling college.


You can determine which courses in the class schedule are WAOL by the section abbreviation code "WO." See Frequently Asked Questions for online students and course formats.






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