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Course Descriptions

EDUC& 115     5 credits
Child Development

Build a functional understanding of the foundation of child development, prenatal to early adolescence. Observe and document physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of children, reflective of cross cultural and global perspectives.

EDUC 132     2 credits
Tutor Training I

Presents basic orientation to tutoring program policies and procedures, tutoring methods and interpersonal relationship skills for tutors. Prerequisites: college-level writing skills and acceptance in an established tutoring program or instructor's signature.

EDUC 133     2 credits
Tutor Training II

Presents tutor center management, advanced tutoring methods and interpersonal relationship skills for tutoring. Prerequisites: college-level writing skills and one year's experience in a tutoring program or instructor signature.

EDUC& 136     3 credits
School Age Care Management

Develop skills to provide developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant activities and care, specifically preparing the environment, implementing curriculum, building relationships, guiding academic/social skill development and community outreach. Formerly ECE 216.

EDUC& 150     3 credits
Child, Family and Community

Integrate the family and community contexts in which a child develops. Explore cultures and demographics of families in society, community resources, strategies for involving families in the education of their child, and tools for effective communication. Formerly ECE 116.

EDUC 200     5 credits
Intro to Education

Introduction to education as a professional career. Explore both the benefits and challenges of teaching. Study the history, philosophies, cultural diversity and ethics of education in America. Learn and practice the components of effective lesson planning including current trends in education such as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Prerequisites: ENGL&101, or equivalent, or instructor’s signature.

EDUC& 204     5 credits
Exceptional Child (Intro to Special Education)

Introduction to the field of special education. Includes various categories of disabilities and special needs, legal and historical perspectives for special education services, roles and responsibilities of special education team members, and instructional strategies for teaching in a special education environment. (Covers the 14 core competencies for special education paraeducators.) Prerequisites: ECED& 105, EDUC& 115.

EDUC 210      2 credits
Education Practicum

This course acquaints teacher candidates with principal issues in educational practice and begins developing reflective teaching. Students discuss and reflect on observations of classroom management, instructional methodology, instructional assessment, diversity, exceptionalities, educational legal issues and educational technology. In this field experience, students work directly with teachers, administrators, and para-educators. Prerequisites: EDUC 200; finger printing and background check required.

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