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Course Descriptions

ELEC 115                        5 credits
Applied Electricity

An introduction to applied electricity in the industrial trades, this course discusses basic alternating (AC) and direct (DC) current, transformers, motors, relays, reactance, electrical power generation and power distribution systems. Prerequisites: MATH 096 or MATH 093 or instructor's signature.

ELEC 125                        5 credits
Wiring Diagrams and Schematics

In-depth study of ladder and pictorial wiring diagrams and schematics as applied to various industrial applications specifically in electronics, manufacturing, industrial food processing, refrigeration and industrial equipment manufacturers' circuits.

ELEC 135                        3 credits
Control Fundamentals

Basic introductory course for understanding control theory and principles of automatic controls used for residential, commercial and industrial equipment. Includes application, service and installation procedures for electrical, electronic and mechanical control systems. Prerequisites: ELEC 125 or instructor's signature.

ELEC 225                        5 credits
Industrial Electricity and Controls

Review of industrial electricity to include discussion on generation, power distribution, wiring, electrical code, transformers, solid-state motor starters, AC and DC motors, power-factor correction, speed controllers and schematics. Prerequisite: ELEC 115.

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