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Course Descriptions

ENGR 102                       4 credits
Engineering Graphics and Design

This introductory course in graphical drawing and blueprint interpretation includes orthographic projections, pictorials, lettering, scales, basic dimensioning, blueprint reading plus interpretation of documents related to blueprints such as construction contract documents, specifications and addendum, emphasizing commercial and industrial building construction. Laboratory time includes practice with basic drafting techniques.

ENGR 105                       5 credits
Computer Aided Design

This course provides familiarization with computer-aided drafting techniques using an interactive microcomputer CAD system. Students create, edit and store basic drawings using a tablet digitizer and/or screen menu consisting of geometric forms and alphanumeric characters. Laboratory included. Prerequisites: strongly recommend basic computer knowledge.

ENGR 106                       4 credits
Advanced Computer Aided Design

This course provides a continuation of the topics introduced in ENGR 105 with an emphasis on basic customization. Topics include configuration profiles, script files, user-created menus, slide files, attribute creation and extraction, 3-D construction, and solid modeling. Laboratory included. Prerequisites: ENGR 105 or equivalent.

ENGR& 214                    5 credits
Engineering Statics

Principles of engineering statics including basic concepts, resultants, force-couple relationships, equilibrium diagrams, equilibrium analysis, three-dimensional structures, two-dimensional frames, trusses, beams and friction. Prerequisites: MATH& 152, PHYS& 222 or equivalent, or instructor's permission.


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