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Environmental Systems and Refrigeration Technology (ESRT)

Course Descriptions

ESRT 102                          1 credit
OSHA 10 Safety Principles

An online course which focuses on the OSHA standards and guidelines for enhancing safety and health in the workplace. Topics include introduction to the OSHA Act, enforcement and recordkeeping, walking-working surfaces, means of egress, emergency action plans, fire protection plans, electrical safety, hazardous materials, personal protective equipment and hazard communication.

ESRT 110                        5 credits
Refrigeration Principles

Introduction to basic heat transfer, refrigeration applications, major components, equipment and systems. Includes job opportunities, tools and test instruments. Lab encompasses experiments in boiling, freezing, temperature, refrigerants, gauges and repair standards. Lab projects include repairing residential and light commercial equipment while emphasizing the proper use of repair instruments and procedures. Prerequisites: MATH 096 or MATH 093 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 114                          1 credit
Refrigerant Recovery/Recycle

Introduction to proper handling of CFC/HCFC refrigerants and non-CFC replacements, including recovery, recycle and reclaiming processes. Global issues, regulations and legislation discussion will prepare students for national certification. Prerequisites: ESRT 110 or concurrent enrollment.

ESRT 120                        5 credits
Heating Systems

Introduction to heating systems, emphasizing electric, gas, oil, solar systems, hot water and steam boiler systems. Includes lab experience troubleshooting, practicing repair procedures and combustion analysis. Proper use of tools, instruments and tests to perform efficiency measurements included. Prerequisites: ESRT 110 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 130                        5 credits
Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Principles of the air conditioning and heat pump processes, including mechanical components, ventilation, filtration, psychrometrics and relative humidity. Emphasis will be toward residential applications and tools for service and troubleshooting. Laboratory experience includes repairing and servicing residential and light commercial air conditioning and heat pump equipment. Prerequisites: ESRT 110 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 136                        2 credits
Indoor Air Quality

Learn the techniques used to recognize the signs of IAQ problems, investigate for potential pollutants and their sources, determine the levels of common pollutants in indoor air, and propose solutions to the problem. Provides information, hands-on experience and practical guidance in conducting inspections and evaluating the performance of mechanical ventilation systems.

ESRT 200                        5 credits
Commercial HVACR Equipment

Study of systems and components used in commercial HVACR applications. Emphasis on proper installation and diagnostic procedures. Ice machines, walk-ins, display cases, compressors, condensers, evaporators, valves, piping, service techniques and test equipment to be highlighted. Packaged rooftop HVAC units will also be covered. Prerequisites: ESRT 110 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 205                        2 credits
Blueprint Reading

In-depth study of construction blueprints for residential, commercial and industrial facilities emphasizing interpretation as it applies to energy and HVAC industries. Additional information will include interpretation of contract documents, specifications and addendums emphasizing building components.

ESRT 210                        3 credits
Boiler Systems

Advanced study of commercial and industrial boiler applications commonly found in larger facilities. Includes low-pressure hot water and steam boilers, high pressure steam boilers, boiler fittings, feed water accessories, combustion accessories, draft control and water treatment. Operations, maintenance, energy efficiency and boiler room safety are emphasized. Prerequisites: ESRT 110 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 215                        3 credits
Commercial DDC HVAC Controls

Course on DDC - Direct Digital Controls for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) controls used in commercial building systems. Includes information on electrical, pneumatic, DDC electronic controls and associated equipment. Course work emphasizes generic approach while studying specific manufacturers, specifications and data sheets. Prerequisites: ELTRO 132 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 220                        5 credits
Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Principles of industrial refrigeration systems and equipment as applied to industrial warehouses and buildings. Includes information for direct expansion, flooded, overfeed systems. Discussion of ammonia and halocarbon (freon) compressor types, condensers, evaporators, metering devices, pumps, defrost methods, vessels and related devices. Prerequisites: ESRT 110 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 222                        3 credits
Industrial Refrigeration Lab

Industrial refrigeration laboratory experience becoming familiar with machinery, electricity and controls associated with industrial refrigeration equipment including compressors, valves, motors, controls, pumps, boilers and associated components. Prerequisites: concurrent enrollment in ESRT 220 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 223                        3 credits
Design and Load Applications

Application engineering and design course for calculating air conditioning and heating equipment. Includes computerized design of heat loads and heat gains, duct sizing and equipment selection. Design energy efficient HVAC equipment for heating and air conditioning systems used in residential and light commercial buildings. Prerequisites: ESRT 110 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 230                        2 credits
Industrial Refrigeration Maintenance and Safety

Continuation of ESRT 220, with emphasis on maintenance, operation and safety. Information will include scheduling, preventive maintenance, water treatment, troubleshooting, repair procedures, energy conservation, process safety management (PSM) programs and risk management programs (RMP). Prerequisites: ESRT 220 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 232                        3 credits
Industrial II Refrigeration Lab

Hands-on experience working with advanced industrial refrigeration equipment, applying process safety management and risk management principles. Additional lab work will include working on equipment for commercial and industrial buildings and facilities. Software, hardware, service, interpreting blueprints and troubleshooting control systems will be emphasized. Prerequisites: concurrent enrollment in ESRT 230 or instructor's signature.

ESRT 238                        3 credits
HVAC Commissioning, LEED and TAB Testing

Reviews HVAC TAB (Test, Adjust and Balancing) process, including the process of commissioning of various types of building HVAC energy management and control systems, and how the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process is implemented and steps to arrive at certification. Documentation requirements are covered to become a certified TAB and LEED individual for students to take the national exam. Prerequisites: ESRT 110, ESRT 223.

ESRT 295                        2 credits
Capstone HVACR Project

Provides second-year students the opportunity to advance their skills through an applied project in their field of interest or specialization within the HVACR industries.

ESRT 196/296              1-5 credits
Work Experience

Designed to provide students with on-the-job practical field experience. One credit for each five hours of work experience per week. Prerequisite: instructor's signature.

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