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Advising Services

What is the difference between educational planners, faculty advisers and counselors?

Educational planners primarily focus on providing academic and support services for first-time students. Educational planners interpret placement test results and recommend appropriate classes; assist with academic planning, course selection and scheduling a student's first quarter at WVC; and assists students with gaining an understanding of the complete requirements of a program.

Faculty advisers have special knowledge in their disciplines and are aware of specific courses within their divisions, and in educational and career opportunities in their areas of concentration. The faculty adviser can assist with academic planning, course selection and scheduling; with developing, clarifying and evaluating educational plans and goals; with transfer information for in-state colleges and universities; and in gaining an understanding of the complete requirements of a program.

The WVC counselor assists students with clarifying educational goals, makes students aware of educational and career options available, assists with academic planning, course selections and scheduling, and assists students with dealing with issues that adversely affect them in attaining their goals.

For more information see the Advising information page, or the Counseling department page.

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