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Student Records

What is my PIN?

Your PIN (personal identification number), along with your Student Identification Number (SID) is used to access general information about yourself, such as grades, financial aid records and transcripts from the WVC Kiosk or website. Your PIN number is first set as your birth date, though WVC does encourage you to change your PIN to a random number of your choosing for security purposes.

Can grades, PINs and student schedules be released over the telephone?

No. Photo identification is required for these and other student records.

How do I get a transcript?

Official WVC transcripts are available from the registration office. Written permission with a signature is required. Unofficial transcripts are available through the student kiosk or Web with correct PINs. Download a transcript request form here.

Is there a charge for transcripts?

There is a $5 charge for each official transcript requested.

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