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WVC Adult High School Completion (HSC) Program

What is it?

The program enables adults (age 19 and over at the start of their first quarter at WVC) who have already completed at least 15 high school credits toward their high school diploma to take the necessary classes needed to obtain a high school diploma if they were unable to complete high school. Even if you already have a GED, you can still work to obtain your high school diploma (you cannot be working on your GED at the same time as your high school diploma).

What kind of diploma is it?

The Wenatchee Valley College Adult High School Completion Diploma is a bona fide high school diploma issued from the State of Washington through WVC. Our diploma meets the Washington State high school graduation requirements. The classes you take toward HSC might also count toward a future college degree or certificate.

How do I enter the program?

  1. Obtaining an official, sealed copy of your high school transcript. 
  2. Call 509.682.6850 to schedule an appointment to meet with the HSC counselor and have your official high school and/or other applicable transcripts evaluated.
  3. The HSC counselor will make a determination regarding the number of credits required for diploma.  If an evaluation of your transcript(s) indicates that you already have enough credits for a diploma, you will still be required to complete WVC's residency credits (minimum of 10 WVC credits plus a 3 credit Career and Life Planning class) before a diploma will be issued.  Credit classes previously completed at WVC may meet this requirement.
  4. Apply for admissions to WVC and take the Compass placement test. Depending on your placement test scores, you may need to take additional writing and reading classes before you can begin working on your HSC classes.
  5. Meet with the HSC counselor to register for classes.

How much does it cost?

For any classes you take toward HSC, you will receive a tuition waiver so you will not need to play the full cost of tuition. Currently the waiver allows students to pay $13 per credit. Students are responsible for any additional class fees and books (students should estimate $80-100 per class for books). If you chose to take classes that don't fulfill HSC diploma requirements you will need to pay full tuition. Usually students need a high school diploma or GED to qualify for Financial Aid but if a HSC student IS receiving Financial Aid, they will not receive the tuition waiver.

How long does it take?

The length of time it will take you to earn a diploma depends on how many credits you need and the number of classes you can successfully complete each quarter.

Who do I call for more information?

Sheila Dresker, Student Development, (509)682-6850




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