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Course Descriptions

HUM& 101                     5 credits
Introduction to Humanities

An introduction to the critical thinking, arts and philosophical ideas that enrich human experience.

HUMN 121                      5 credits
Humanities & Brewing: Cultural-Historic Perspective

Brewing history, culture and application from ancient origins of brewing to the modern development of the brewing industry and the recent proliferation of whole-grain micro-brewing. Relating the social and scientific aspects of brewing to practical applications of whole-grain brewing. Prerequisites: must be 21 years old.

HUMN 141                      5 credits
Film and Culture

Explores the elements of film structure and content for analysis and understanding of the human experience. Through critical viewing, thinking and writing, students will gain a basis for understanding how cultural themes and values are expressed in film.

HUMN 200                      5 credits
Ancient Greece

Probes the Ancient Greek history, government, science, philosophy, art, architecture and literature - both epic poetry and tragedy. Prerequisites: college-level reading and writing required.

HUMN 201                      5 credits
Humanities in Western Civilization I

A survey of the humanities from ancient Greece through the Italian Renaissance.

HUMN 202                      5 credits
Humanities in Western Civilization II

A survey of the humanities from the Renaissance through the 20th century.

HUMN 206                      5 credits
Symbolism and Mythology

A study of the meaning, value and scope of symbolism and myth.

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