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Virtually all students enrolled in a certificate or degree program at Wenatchee Valley College take at least one math course, since mathematical problem-solving skills are valuable in most areas of life. As part of the registration process, new WVC students seeking a degree or certificate take the ASSET placement exam to determine if they are ready for 100-level and above college classes in math and English. If their scores indicate a need for developmental courses to strengthen their skills, they may enroll in basic math and algebra courses (MATH 090, 095, 096, 097).

College-level mathematics courses at WVC include college algebra, mathematical reasoning, pre-calculus (algebra and trigonometry), calculus and analytical geometry, elements of calculus, finite mathematics, statistical analysis, and linear algebra. Special topics and independent study courses are also available for varying credits. Computer science and computer applications courses are also available, currently administered by the business division at WVC.

The associate of arts and sciences (transfer) degree requires at least 5 credits of quantitative skills classes, taken from either mathematics or computer science, and up to 10 credits of non-lab math or science classes--plus additional electives. Students earning an associate of technical sciences degree need at least intermediate algebra, unless exempted by their ASSET scores. Most workforce education (professional/technical programs) at WVC have other math requirements as well.

NEW! Developmental Mathematics
Students who complete developmental math courses will be able to:

  • Perform arithmetic calculations without the use of a calculator.
  • Interpret and verbalize the language of beginning and intermediate algebra.
  • Apply arithmetic and basic algebra to real-world problems.
  • Gain enough mathematical skills and confidence to be successful in a college level math course.

Students who complete the quantitative skills requirement will be able to:

  • Approach problem solving using critical thinking, mathematical skills, and efficiency.
  • Interpret and verbalize the language of mathematics.
  • Apply mathematics to real-world problems.
  • Gain enough mathematical skills and confidence to be successful in additional college level courses, such as math, business, science, nursing, etc.


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