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Mathematics Faculty

Christa Cacciate, WVC math faculty
Christa Cacciata
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2234
Phone: 509.682.6746
E-mail: ccacciata@wvc.edu
Kerin Keys, WVC math faculty
Kerin Keys
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2226
Phone: 509.682.6740
E-mail: kkeys@wvc.edu
Will Kraske, WVC at Omak math faculty
Will Kraske
Office: Hazel Allen Burnett Hall 417, Omak Campus
Phone: 509.422.7847
E-mail: wkraske@wvc.edu
Mike Lavinder, WVC math faculty
Mike Lavinder
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2225
Phone: 509.682.6742
E-mail: mlavinder@wvc.edu
Cameron Painter, WVC at Omak developmental math faculty
Cameron Painter
Office: NHB 416, Omak Campus
Phone: 509.682.6742
E-mail: cpainter@wvc.edu
Angie Redmon, WVC math faculty
Angela Redmon
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2230
Phone: 509.682.6743
E-mail: aredmon@wvc.edu
Angie Russell, WVC math faculty
Angela Russell
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2231
Phone: 509.682.6744
E-mail: arussell@wvc.edu
Brief Background
Benjamin Van Dyke, WVC math faculty
Benjamin Van Dyke
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2234
Phone: 509.682.6741
E-mail: bvandyke@wvc.edu
Sharon Wiest, WVC math faculty
Sharon Wiest
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2232
Phone: 509.682.6745
E-mail: swiest@wvc.edu
Brief Background
Derin Wysham, WVC math faculty
Derin Wysham
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2233
Phone: 509.682.6734
E-mail: dwysham@wvc.edu



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