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Multicultural Affairs
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The Mission of Multicultural Affairs & Student Events is to create, expand, and promote opportunities to students of color. This is done through advocacy, education, and networking to strengthen higher education. Multicultural Affairs & Student Events strives to unite and integrate diversity through events, speakers, and workshops. It also promotes understanding, recognition, and appreciation of cultural differences and similarities.


Multicultural Affairs & Student Events is committed to assist Wenatchee Valley College:

· Create an environment that acknowledges, respects, and enhances multiculturalism

· Provide support and advocate for students of color

· Provide assistance in achieving academic success for students of color

· Increase enrollment and retention of students of color

· Offer opportunities to develop leadership skills for students of color

· Provide scholarship information

· Serve as a liaison between the college and the community

Calendar of Multicultural Events


Fall Quarter:

· Fiestas Mexicanas

· Día de los Muertos



Winter Quarter:

· Campus Tour of other College/University

· Latino Day

· Northwest Mariachi Festival



Spring Quarter:

· NCESD Migrant Career Fair

· Job & Career Fair

· Cesar Chavez Night

· Cultural Diversity Week

· Cinco de Mayo Celebración

· Students of Color Conference

· I Am Going To College



Summer Quarter:

· Summer Impact Institution I

· Summer Impact Institution II

· Summer Impact Institution III



1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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