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Multi-Occupational Trades

The primary function of the multi-occupational trades associate of technical science program is to provide journey-level workers with additional related education designed to prepare them for advancement and management-level positions in their chosen field. Candidates will have accomplished the stringent requirements of each individual trade prior to entry into the program. When you graduate from this program, you will have attained your degree through a combination of technical skills obtained in an approved apprenticeship program (a minimum of 6,000 clock hours), theory and practical applications learned in apprenticeship-related courses (at least 432 clock hours), and instruction received in related education and elective courses at WVC.

Career Opportunities

For more information about careers related to this field, go to My Next Move or the Employment Security Department Web page (scroll through the alphabetical list by occupation, or type the name of the occupation into the search filter).

Program Requirements: Associate of Technical Science Degree

Offered at the Wenatchee campus

Required Courses
MATH 100T* Technical Math or higher 5
OCED 102* Writing in the Workplace /
  Technical Writing or higher
BCT 116 Professional Work Relations 3
BCT 105 Computer Applications 5
Electives - Choose 12 credits from:  
BCT 100 Basic Computer Keyboarding 2
BUS& 101 Introduction to Business 5
CMST& 101 Introduction to Communication   5
MATH& 146* Statistical Analysis 5
PSYC 102 Psychology of Adjustment 5
OCED 101* Technical Reading 5
SDS 101* Study Skills 5
SDS 105 Effective Leadership 3
SDS 106 Career and Life Planning 3
SDS 110 Critical Thinking 2
Total Credits for Degree   30


*Placement score required.

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