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WVC Music Classes

Classes may be taught in the WVC Music and Art Center, online, or off campus. This list includes some examples of music courses taught at WVC. For a full list of music courses, visit the WVC Music Course Descriptions Web page or the Course Finder.


Students learn music fundamentals with ukeleles

MUS 100     5 credits
Introduction of Music

Introduction to music theory. Emphasis on fundamental concepts, including notation, meter, rhythm, diatonic scales, key signatures, intervals, harmony, ear training, songwriting, and keyboard and fretted instruments.


MUSC& 131   3 credits
Music Theory 1

Develops an understanding of elementary compositional techniques. Emphasis on the structure of tonality, triads in all inversions (doubling and spacing), voice leading, seventh chords, phrase structure and cadences, nonharmonic tones, harmonic progression, and basic techniques of harmonization. Prerequisites: knowledge of basic music notation or instructor's signature. Must be taken concurrently with MUSC& 121.

MUSC& 121   2 credits
Ear Training 1

Fundamental ear training includes intervals, major and minor scales, triads, and seventh chords in root and inverted positions, dominant seventh chords in same, rhythm reading in simple and compound meter. Sight singing includes simple diatonic major and minor melodies. Prerequisites: knowledge of basic music notation or instructor's signature. Must be taken concurrently with MUSC& 131.


Music and Art Center recording studio

MUS 116     5 credits
Introduction to the Music/Audio Technology I

An introduction and overview to industry music/audio technology. Receive theoretical and practical experience in acoustics, MIDI, digital sequencing, non-destructive digital recording and electronic music publishing. Prerequisites: knowledge of notation and rhythm required or concurrent enrollment in MUS 100, basic computer literacy.

MUSC& 105   5 credits
Music Appreciation

Humanities option for the music or non-music major. Lectures, readings, recordings, video presentations, guest artists and live concert attendance with emphasis on guiding students to musical understanding and appreciation of the musical styles and forms of Western music from the late Renaissance through the 20th century.

WVC Music student Natalie Kahler performs

MUS 125     1 credit
Piano Class Instruction

Music reading and keyboard techniques from beginning through intermediate levels. No music background required. Emphasis on note reading, rhythm reading, key signatures, major scales and improvising with primary triads.


WVC Chamber Choir

MUS 170     2 credits
WVC Chamber Choir

A select vocal performance ensemble: The WVC Chamber Choir is a primary recruiting ensemble for the WVC Music Department. Participation will involve numerous performances and varied community outreach activities. Audition required. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: previous vocal/choral experience or instructor approval.

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