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Lance Dooley artwork

Lance Dooley presents Life Drawings

Open for Friday Friday Arts Walk, Dec. 4, 5 to 7 p.m.
November 11 to December 11
9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

Lance Dooley has been teaching Figure Drawing at Wenatchee Valley College since 2010. The body of work you see here today represents his efforts in the realm of drawing the human figure from life.

Throughout the history of the art world, drawing the human figure has remained a benchmark for artistic development and interest. The style and approach for drawing the human figure has varied significantly throughout the centuries and contrasts greatly between cultures. Life Drawing is now taught in every serious art school around the world and Wenatchee Valley College aims to match the quality of this type of course work offered at other institutions.

Lance received his primary formal training while studying Figure Sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Due to the subject matter required to become a figurative sculptor, it is necessary to gain mastery in drawing the human figure. Therefore, equal emphasis and time is allotted for both drawing and sculpting the human figure. It can be said that Figure Sculpting is simply drawing in space. This show exhibits a changing blueprint this artist uses as a springboard to continue with figurative projects. Some drawings are created for the pure joy of drawing and others are done to investigate specific poses that will be used for sculptural compositions.

The predominant style of drawings you see here today is called naturalism. Naturalism aims to depict an object in its natural state or a state it could naturally assume. Note the specific contour lines of the figures and the different types of shading used to create the illusion of form in space. The very best artists are able to see an object in real life and then mentally rotate the object and draw or render the object as if from viewed from another angle. This is what Michelangelo and a select few others were able to achieve, and remains the epitome of skill and vision that is rarely obtainable. Lance is constantly pushing the boundaries of his skill and vision to create human form with charcoal on paper.


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