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Marlin Peterson artwork image

Mutata in Regnum

by Marlin Peterson

March 3 - 23, 2017

Open for Friday Friday Arts Walk, March 3, 5-7 p.m.

Gallery Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

Professional illustrator and WVC Art instructor Marlin Peterson presents wall paintings and pen and scratchboard illustrated creatures from a recent project for a forthcoming book about evolution. The black and white images are focused on some of the strange paths that evolution has taken and many species at the forefront of current evolutionary research.

About the Artist

Marlin Peterson artwork imageMarlin Peterson grew up in western Washington where he was renowned at drawing unflattering caricatures of his teachers. He began illustrating in earnest while finishing a degree in science illustration at UC Santa Cruz. Fascinated by the natural world since age 19, he has always has had an affinity for extinct creatures and invertebrates. In his world, insects are amazing but arachnids don't get the respect they deserve. He illustrates with many, but he is especially fond of using gouache, ink, scratchboard, digital painting and quarts of latex with four-inch rollers. His work has been featured in many websites, magazines, and books, and he continues to seek out welcoming walls for his next murals. He currently does freelance illustration and teaches Drawing and Illustration at Wenatchee Valley College.

For this current show, the majority of images were commissioned for a book on evolution called Improbable Destinies by Jonathan Losos. Among many other distinctions, Jonathan is the professor of organismic and evolutionary biology at Harvard, where he studies evolution among Caribbean lizards called anoles. While much of his published work has been scholarly, he wanted to write a book intended for a general audience showcasing the current and ongoing research in evolution.

Marlin Peterson artwork imageFor this project, the composition and perspective each subject was left to Marlin. To accompany text on the page, the illustrations had to be black and white. Given the small space available on the pages without the benefit of color, there were many unseen constraints to illustrating recognizable creatures. The result is that most of these illustrations were done in a very "graphic" style, so that particular anatomical parts were clearly visible, and the angle in which the species were depicted from could showcase those important facets.



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