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Morning Watch Notations image by Adele Caemmerer

Adele Caemmerer: The Morning Watch
First Friday Opening Reception: Nov. 7, 2014, 5-7 p.m.

After years overseas, artist Adele Caemmerer has returned to immerse herself in the art community of the valley, including an advanced painting course at WVC. This exhibition includes conceptual paintings, drawings and installation, translating the experiential data of her daily life into visual arrangements of line, color and form.

Artist's Statement

I am an artist interested in finding visual form for the cacophony of life's experiences by translating those experiences first into data and then arrangements of line and color. Having lived overseas for 19 years, in both Taiwan and India, my life has been lived in perpetual transit between various places I call home. My most recent work involves documenting traffic patterns, both experienced and observed. Some works are motion generated. I make repetitive lines while in a moving vehicle and the variation of line is determined by the dynamics of the ride. Other works seek to code motion around me. I assign a color to each repeating element (for instance, a bike, car pedestrian, dog, sweeper) and track the elements in order of appearance. These drawings and paintings are analytical and documentary in nature, and speak to the quixotic attempt to record, see, sort and archive sensory experiences in a way that reflects the rhythms and patterns of my life. The practice of documenting, coding and visually translating has become a way to locate and integrate myself as a foreign element, in motion, between worlds.


Adele Caemmerer's paintings begin with observations of the neighborhood over her morning cup of coffee. Noting the repeating rhythms of people, animals and vehicles order of appearance, she translates her observations into code, the code into color, and then colors into repeating elements, such as line or grid. These elements tell a story of place within a segment of time. From the drawings, Adele has experimented with further translations between media: painting into weaving, paper onto canvas. With each translation, the essence of that moment is further clarified.

Caemmerer has recently returned to Washington after 15 years in India. Raised in the south, she studied visual art at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, and completed her master's in painting and drawing at Arkansas State University. In 1988, she began teaching art. She has since lived in Taipei, Seattle and New Delhi, continuing to teach and explore her own art making in each place. Her early work focused on the figure and landscapes. Over time, her work has eventually become more process oriented and abstract. Yet, she has always valued the pull of the concrete, lived-in paintings that representational work exerts on the artist. Her recent project of generating drawings and paintings that translate daily data into visual form, integrates her interest in formal design elements, the creative process, and the engagement with a particular place and moment in time. This has provided her a framework for exploring the tension between the constraints of representation and the freedom of abstraction, as well as the human relationship to data.

She has exhibited her work in Tennessee, Arkansas, Taiwan, India and Washington. She has been a visiting artist in schools, both abroad and in Washington, and enjoys engaging students in data collection and visual representation as part of investigations ranging from science, to math, and to poetry. She currently lives in Plain, Washington, and teaches middle school art in Wenatchee.



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