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Fledged by Cynthia Neely
Fledged, by Cynthia Neely. Acrylic and found material on board.

Cynthia Neely presents Flight Path

March 6-20
Wenatchee First Friday Opening: March 6, 5-7 p.m.
Poetry reading at 5 p.m.

Cynthia Neely is an artist, poet, and frequent student in writing and painting courses at WVC. The exhibition "Flight Path" springs from the imagery of the poems in her book of the same title. Her written and rendered works are intertwined, receiving their push from the imagery that speaks to her from nature. She constructs her works to lift and soar, yet to be clearly grounded in the human experience as well as the natural world.

Detail of a Distant Vee by Cynthia Neely
Detail of A Distant Vee by Cynthia Neely. 80" x 48" acrylic on


Artist's Statement

I am a lifelong visual artist whose past work was in fiber, specifically large weavings for walls in homes and corporate spaces. In recent years, while looking for a form of expression that was more immediate and portable, I turned to painting, first to pastels and then to acrylics. At around the same time, I discovered a need to express myself through language and to that end I went back to school for an MFA in creative writing. I began submitting my written work, which garnered me a chapbook prize as well as, recently, an offer of publication of my full-length volume of poems. I found that both visual expression and language have become an integral part of who I am as I continually work toward a fuller understanding of each.

My work has always been highly influenced by the natural world – by its beauty and its vulnerability. As a visual artist as well as a poet, I find my poems cling closely to those roots of keen imagery, as well as a strong sense of place. I strive to create works that possess the airiness of hollow bone, capable of lifting and soaring, and yet are clearly grounded in the human experience, as well as in the world around us. My paintings and poems are often in conversation with one another in the attempt to create a true marriage of image and thought. One is not shaped directly by the other but they are sympathetic to one another, possessing a similar syntax, an analogous palette.

As it is in my creative life, the exhibit would incorporate both the written (spoken) word as well as the visual. I plan to accomplish this with a reading at the MAC from my soon-to-be-published book to coincide with the opening of the exhibit. I will likely post the poems that directly relate to the paintings, either right on the wall next to the painting to which it speaks or in a handout available to the public. The paintings are not illustrative so much as perhaps capturing an image that appears in the poem or simply mirroring a tone or mood.

My goal is to have both the reading and the exhibit stand alone in that they do not need each other's context to be appreciated, but that in conversing with each other both become another thing altogether.



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