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WVC Teaching Artists Exhibition

WVC Teaching Artists Exhibition
Sept. 22 - Oct. 31, 2014
First Friday Opening Reception: Oct. 3, 5-7 p.m.
Featuring work by WVC Art faculty members Ruth Allan, Scott Bailey, Vicki DeRooy, Lance Dooley, Natalie Dotzauer, Arius Elvikis, David Hampton, Marlin Peterson and Majka Sadel


This work displays the professional activity that makes our art faculty members who they are--they are artists, first and foremost. They teach with authority from a perspective of knowledge and experience, having developed and refined their various crafts over decades. They truly practice what they preach.

It is often acknowledged that those who are experts in their given fields are not necessarily good at relaying that knowledge to students. These are artists who defy that notion, caring as deeply about their integrity of being artists as they do about being educators. They recognize that their studio work provides the solid platform upon which to present the course content, but they never impose their personal styles and artistic decisions upon the course. They are caring and nurturing in the classroom, striving to develop students with excellent fundamental skills and autonomous, individual goals for their own work.

Through the consistent high quality and the broad variety of styles, media and conceptual concerns on display here, viewers can see the breadth and depth of experience in the WVC Art Department. It is an act of courage to put one's work on public display, but each of these artists understand the work has not spoken until an audience has had the chance to hear it. The opportunity for students to turn the tables and critique their instructors fits perfectly with the mission of the MAC Gallery as a teaching exhibition space.



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