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Natural Resources

Course Descriptions

NATR 102                                   3 credits
Maps and Navigation

Learn to navigate accurately and safely in an outdoor workplace and to perform map and field calculations required for effective and safe natural resource field work. Includes field use of maps and GPS (global positioning systems) and a brief introduction to GIS (Geographical Information Systems) in natural resource management.

NATR 103                                   3 credits
Field Safety and Preparedness

Preparation for safe and efficient natural resource field work through understanding of when, where and how to safely use field equipment and tools. Emphasizes awareness of situational safety issues in the human and non-human environment. Includes field application of tools and equipment commonly used in natural resource jobs.

NATR 108                                   3 credits
Exploring Natural Resources Management

A panoramic view of ecosystems, current topics, primary organizations and professions in modern natural resources management. Lectures, discussions and extensive field activities survey this diverse industry. Use career assessment and planning tools, such as educational portfolio development, to create a strategy for your professional future.

NATR 210                                   5 credits
Natural Resource Portfolio and Final Project

Completion of student professional portfolio and final project. The portfolio contains course projects, work and educational experiences completed while pursuing an AST degree or certificate. Final project will be completed by a team of students and will contain culminating activities that demonstrate acquisition of natural resource program student learning outcomes. Prerequisite: completion of one year's course work in the natural resource program.

NATR 235                                   5 credits
Society & Natural Resources

From personal to global levels, this course uses a systems approach to examine interaction of social, economic and ecological factors in natural resources management. Identify and explore the consequences of diverse natural resource philosophies and paradigms, and develop skills to direct, mitigate or change human impacts on natural systems. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101.

NATR 196/296                1-5 credits
Cooperative Work Experience

Intended to provide authentic experiences in the world of work by applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to a working environment. Variable credit class. Prerequisites: instructor's permission.

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