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ATS Nursing Program Guide

The Associate of Technical Sciences (ATS) Nursing Degree is offered on both the Wenatchee and Omak campuses.

Prerequisites must be completed before applying to the Nursing Program.

Once accepted to the Nursing Program, students begin in fall quarter. Successful completion of the first year (first four quarters) of the ATS degree entitles students to take the licensure examination (NCLEX-PN) for practical nursing. Students may opt to exit the Nursing Program at this level.


First Year - Fall Quarter Credits
NURS 101       Foundations of Nursing 6
NURS 101L Foundations of Nursing Practice Lab     6
PCOL 101 Pharmacology 101 1
PSYC& 1001 General Psychology 5
Total 18
First Year - Winter Quarter Credits
NURS 102 Nursing Concepts I 6
NURS 102L Nursing Concepts Practice Lab I 6
PCOL 102 Pharmacology 102 1
PSYC& 2001 Lifespan Psychology 5
Total 18
First Year - Spring Quarter Credits
NURS 103 Nursing Concepts II 6
NURS 103L Nursing Concepts Practice Lab II 6
PCOL 103 Pharmacology 103 1
Total 13
First Year - Summer Quarter Credits
NURS 104 Nursing Concepts III 6
NURS 104L Nursing Concepts Practice Lab III 6
PCOL 104      Pharmacology 104
Total 13
Second Year - Fall Quarter Credits
NURS 201 Advanced Nursing Concepts I 6
NURS 201L Nursing Concept Practice Lab I 6
Total 12
Second Year - Winter Quarter Credits
NURS 202 Advanced Nursing Concepts II 6
NURS 202L Nursing Concept Practice Lab II 6
Social Sciences or Humanities Elective1 5
Total 17
Second Year - Spring Quarter Credits
NURS 203 Advanced Nursing Concept III 6
NURS 203L Nursing Concept Practice Lab III 6
Total 12
Total Credits for Program2 103

1 Classes may be taken before acceptance into the nursing program. It's best to get these classes done as early as possible.

2 This number does not include prerequisites.


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