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Nursing Contacts

Full-Time Omak Nursing Faculty

Annie Coghlan
Annie Coghlan
Nursing Faculty

E-mail: acoghlan@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.422.7956
Office: Friendship Hall 210B



Full-Time Wenatchee Nursing Faculty

Gloria McGregor
Gloria McGregor
Nursing Faculty

E-mail: gmcgregor@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6674
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2221M


Mary Wolcott
Mary Wolcott
Nursing Faculty
E-mail: mwolcott@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6675
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2221F


Susan Yale
Susan Yale
Nursing Faculty
E-mail: syale@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6670
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2221K


Allied Health Staff and Administration

  Jenny Capelo
Jenny Capelo
Dean of Allied Health

E-mail: jcapelo@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6662
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2221C


Kristen Hosey, Nursing Programs Administrator
Kristen Hosey
Nursing Program Administrator
E-mail: khosey@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6673


Rhonda Yenney  
Rhonda Yenney
Allied Health Secretary
E-mail: ryenney@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6660
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2221E


Sue Root 
Sue Root
Allied Health Program Coordinator, Omak Campus
E-mail: sroot@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.422.7952
Office: Friendship Hall 210


Cheryl Pfeifer
Cheryl Pfeifer
Part-time Omak Simulation Lab Assistant
E-mail: CPfeifer@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.422.7972
Office: Friendship Hall 207


Marilyn Brincat
Marilyn Brincat
Instructional Support Technician 3
E-mail: mbrincat@wvc.edu



1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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