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Occupational Education

OCED 080   1-5 credits
Basic Literacy for Span speaking IBEST students

For Spanish-speaking students either in, preparing to enter or have completed an I-BEST program of study but need to obtain a GED to obtain professional certification. The CONEVyT curriculum prepares students for the Spanish language GED. The curriculum is available both in Web-based and print formats. Prerequisites: admission to I-BEST program.

OCED 100   1 credit
Essentials for Job Success

A survey of practical skills in how to survive, thrive and be a success on the job. Topics include responsible work habits employers value, how to get along with co-workers and supervisors, critical thinking and problem solving in the workplace, knowing yourself, setting goals and getting ahead.

OCED 101   5 credits
Technical Reading

Introduces reading skills needed in the technical workplace with emphasis on strategies using context clues, word elements, identifying main ideas and supports, understanding and reading graphs, diagrams and charts and outlining. (formerly READ 100). Prerequisites: Appropriate assessment scores or at least a C (2.0) grade in English 097.

OCED 102   5 credits
Writing in the Workplace/Technical English

Introduces writing skills needed in the workplace with emphasis in technical writing. Practice specific skills as a single effort and a collaborative effort both in and out of class. (formerly ENGL 100). Prerequisites COMPASS placement into ENGL 097 or a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in ENGL 090 as determined by placement testing.  Keyboarding skills recommended.

OCED 130   5 credits
Industrial Safety

Course covers "Hazardous Material Awareness" and safety procedures in industrial facilities such as mills, smelters, power plants and packing facilities. First aid, CPR, forklift, OSHA-10, Hazmat and flagger certifications will be awarded to successful students. Proper fire extinguishing techniques, MSDS, Lock-out Tag-out procedures, chemical safety, PPE and accident reporting are embedded.

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