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Safety and Security

Wenatchee Valley College is a drug- and alcohol-free campus. We want every student to feel safe while on campus and have established guidelines for campus security.

Safety Video

Active Shooter Training (Video)

How does WVC handle campus security?
During day classes, administrators and faculty members monitor activity as needed. WVC staff and faculty are aware of college security procedures and plans. WVC has a contract with a local security company, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Security can be reached at 509.682.6911 (or 6911 from a campus phone). You can send a text message by using 509.423.3705.  When calling security, please indicate which building you are calling from on the Wenatchee Valley College campus. Crimes of a prosecutorial nature are reported and handled by the Wenatchee Police Department.

If a student has a safety or security concern, whom do they contact?
Any time a student has a safety concern, he or she should share their concern with a WVC faculty and/or staff member or call the security at 509.682.6911 ( or 6911 from a campus phone). Text messages to security are sent by using 509.423.3705. Students can also direct any safety concern to the student programs office located in Van Tassell Center or call 509.682.6860. Throughout the campus, bulletin boards with pertinent safety and security information are maintained, including reference guides for what to do during emergencies.

Annual Security Report
In accordance with federal law, WVC provides crime statistics of offenses reported on the campus or on property adjacent to the college campus. This chart includes offenses that were reported to the Wenatchee Valley College Campus Safety Officer, Wenatchee Police, Chelan County Sheriff, Okanogan County Sheriff, Omak Police and other college officials who have significant responsibilities for student and campus activities. If you have any questions about the crime statistics or safety issues on campus, please don't hesitate to contact the Campus Facilities Office at 509.682.6450.

Annual Fire Safety Report
In accordance with federal law, WVC publishes an annual fire safety report.  This report can be found here.

Sex Offenders
Wenatchee Valley College is authorized to notify the college community if a registered sex offender may be expected on or near a Wenatchee Valley College campus (RCW 4.24.550). In such cases, the WVC director of enrollment, or that person's designee, will execute the following procedures.

Upon learning of the enrollment and/or presence of a convicted sexual offender at a Wenatchee Valley College campus, a college designee will

  1. obtain any information law enforcement deems relevant and necessary.
  2. meet with vice president of student development and review relevant information to assess safety issues posed for currently enrolled students.

Notification will correspond with the classification level in the following manner: Level I-Low Risk

  1. The vice president of instruction and professional programs will be given a list of offenders and updated information, as needed.
  2. Faculty and staff in whose program/courses the offender is enrolled in will be notified in writing.
  3. The student employment office will be given a list of offenders every quarter and will be given updated information, as needed.
  4. The student development office will keep current a list of offenders each quarter and update information, as needed.

Level II-Medium Risk

  1. All Level I notifications will be made.
  2. A letter will be sent to the offender notifying them of the college policy regarding sex offenders attending WVC.
  3. A designated college official will post "Sex Offender Release" public notifications at specific locations on campus.

Level III-High Risk

  1. All Level I and Level II notifications will be made.

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