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Differences Between High School and College
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What Every Student Should Know
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What Every Student Should Know

The guiding principle in high school is that students will usually be told what their responsibilities are, and they will be corrected when their behavior is out of line.

In college, it is assumed that students are old enough to take responsibility for what they do—or what they don't do—and it is assumed they understand that each decision they make has a consequence.

For instance, it is assumed students understand that missing classes and not turning in coursework can result in a failing grade; they should not expect instructors to tell them this. Of more importance, excuses that worked in high school will probably not work in college.

As with all endeavors, attentiveness and self-application are keys to success. A community college setting is a good place to start honing good study and work habits needed later in life. Our Differences site explains more about college life versus high school.

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