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Parking Information
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Parking Information

Parking Procedures

Parking facilities at Wenatchee Valley College are provided for the convenience of students and staff. The traffic and parking regulations established are for the safety and convenience of pedestrians and drivers and to ensure orderly operation.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Permits

No person shall park or leave any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, in a designated parking area of Wenatchee Valley College, other than visitor parking, without a valid parking permit.

NEW! Discounted Parking Permits for Electric or Hybrid Vehicles

Wenatchee Valley College is offering discounted parking permits for WVC students and employees registering electric or hybrid vehicles. To qualify for the reduced parking permit, drivers need to bring their state-issued vehicle registration showing that they have a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Fuel-efficient permit rates:
STUDENT: $20/quarter
EMPLOYEE: $20/quarter, $60/year
RESERVED EMPLOYEE: $32/quarter, $96/year
EVENING-ONLY: $12/quarter

Regular permit rates:
STUDENT: $25/quarter
EVENING-ONLY: $15/quarter
DAILY: $2.00/day
SENIOR STUDENT (60 or older): $5/quarter
EMPLOYEE:  $25/quarter or $70/year
RESERVED EMPLOYEE: $40/quarter or $115/year

Parking permits can be obtained at the cashier's office in Wenatchi Hall. Parking permits are registered to the purchaser. All infractions associated with that permit number are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Permits must be hung from vehicle’s rear-view mirror or on the driver's side dashboard with permit information visible from exterior of vehicles. Failure to display permit properly will result in vehicle being ticketed. Permits are the individual’s responsibility; if lost, full parking fees will be charged for replacement.

Visitor or One-Day Permits

Visitors must obtain a courtesy permit from whom you are visiting in order to park in the visitor area longer than the posted 30 minutes or in any other designated parking space for any length of time.

Daily permits are available from machines in the parking lots at Smith Gym, Sexton Hall, Brown Library and the Music and Art Center. The machines accept coins, bills and debit/credit cards.

Wenatchee Valley College reserves the right to refuse issuance of a parking permit.

Campus Parking Lots

  • Wells Hall on Fifth St. (Parking Lot A and Visitor)
  • Smith Gym on Fifth St. (Parking Lot B)
  • Sexton Hall on Ninth St. (Parking Lot C)
  • Music and Art Center on Fifth St. (Parking Lot M)
  • Library upper and lower parking lots on Nelson St. (Parking Lot D)
  • Smith Gym upper parking lot near soccer fields (Parking Lot G)

Wenatchee Valley College assumes no liability for vehicles parked on college property.

Common Infractions

  • No WVC permit.
  • Parking in handicapped space without a valid Washington State placard or license plate.
  • Parking in restricted lots or zones, fire lanes, driveways.
  • Parking so as to occupy more than one space.
  • Parking in areas not designated by lines for parking.
  • Students parking in visitor’s parking spaces or reserved spaces.

Parking and Traffic Regulations

  • Vehicles must be parked only in designated spaces, occupying only one space and not obstructing traffic.
  • Areas adjacent to yellow curbing or bumpers are no-parking zones
  • Vehicles with permits may not park in visitor or Robert Graves Gallery areas.
  • Disabled vehicles may not be parked on campus for more than 72 hours. They will be towed at owner's risk and expense 24 hours after written tow notice.
  • Cycles, motorbikes and scooters may park in designated parking spaces or in open spaces adjacent to parking spaces so long as they do not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • No vehicle may be parked in a handicapped space unless the vehicle displays a valid Washington State placard or license plate.
  • The on-campus speed limit is 10 miles per hour.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.

Parking Violations and Fines

Violators of the above items are subject to fines. Violators of these regulations are notified of the violation by the issuance of a parking ticket, which indicates the date, approximate time, locality and nature of violations. Tickets may be served by attaching or affixing a copy to the vehicle allegedly violating any of the parking regulations.

A $20 fine will be assessed for each violation. If paid within 24 hours from the time a ticket is issued, excluding weekends and holidays, the fine will be reduced to $10 per violation. The fine for parking in a handicapped space without a valid Washington State placard or license plate is $50. Fines are to be paid at the cashier’s office located in Wenatchi Hall.

Parking fines are considered financial obligation to the college, and grades and other official records will not be released until all such obligations have been met. Such unpaid obligations will also result in prohibiting an individual from enrolling in future classes offered by the college.

Wenatchee Valley College parking permits are the property of Wenatchee Valley College and may be recalled and revoked for continued violation of parking and traffic regulations.

Following the issuance of the third unpaid violation of these parking rules and regulations, a parking "Boot" may be installed on the ticketed car with instructions to pay the fine before removal of the "Boot."

A vehicle may be impounded without notice to the owner, at the owner’s risk and expense, when, in the judgment of the parking administrator, the vehicle obstructs or impedes the flow of traffic or poses an immediate threat to public safety such as parking in fire/emergency lanes or driveways.

Questions related to parking should be referred to the parking supervisor or by calling 509.682.6500. Any decision may be appealed in writing to the WVC Vice President of Administrative Services, whose decision is final.

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Phone: (509) 682-6800
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