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PE Theory Classes

PEH 180     3 credits
Personal Wellness

Creating a lifestyle that promotes personal health and well-being. Includes wellness concepts and theory with special emphasis on stress management and relaxation training, nutrition and fitness, addictive behaviors, human sexuality, and the ability to analyze the validity of health news and information sources.

PEH 181     5 credits
Health and Wellness

Online course emphasizing the relationship between course content and lifestyle choices. Includes physical fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress and emotional health, chemical use and abuse, communicable and noncommunicable disease, health-smart consumerism, the health-care system, aging, death and dying, and environmental health issues.

PEH 182     5 credits
1st Aid-Responding to Emergencies

Covers advanced first aid and emergency care procedures, including American Red Cross requirements for certification cards. Lecture and hands-on training including CPR/AED, splinting, bandaging and dealing with sudden illness or injury to the body. Includes Basic Life Support for Health-Care Providers.

PEH 189     2 credits
Athletic Training Practicum I

Provide a practical application of athletic training knowledge and skills in the training room setting. Students serve as student athletic trainers for WVC men's and women's athletic teams. PEH 189 is intended for the first-year student athletic trainer and should be repeated three times for credit (fall, winter and spring quarters). Prerequisite: instructor permission only.

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