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WVC Travel Policy

Wenatchee Valley College complies with Office of Financial Management (OFM) travel rules and regulations.    Reimbursement for approved travel will be made for the mode most advantageous to the college.

A.      Employee Travel

1.       Prior Approval

(a)     Travel requests for college business must be approved by the appropriate area supervisor prior to the date of the travel.  The employee must complete the travel authorization from A-40, sign it, obtain appropriate authorizing signature(s), and submit original to the business office prior to traveling for state purposes.

(b)     The business office processes necessary registration fees, travel advances, and vehicle rental.

(c)     In some cases, travel advances are allowed, upon prior request, for out-of-state travel, based on 80% of estimated per diem.  (Exceptions are ASWVC travel).  Requests for travel advances must be submitted at least one week prior to travel date.

(d)     All out-of-state travel must be approved in advance by the president.

2.       Reimbursement

(a)     Upon return from travel status, an employee must complete the travel expense voucher (form A-20); sign it; attach receipts for commercial facility, rental car, credit card and any other expenses incurred; obtain authorizing signature; and submit original to the business office

(b)     Forms are processed by the business office and employee is notified when reimbursement check is available for pickup at the cashier’s station (Reimbursements which are to be mailed directly to employee should be so noted on the A-20 form).

(c)     The business office makes payments directly to commercial carriers, state-approved vehicle rental agencies, and travel agencies.

(d)     Notation should be made on the travel authorization form (A-40) when reimbursement is to be provided by another agency.  The business office will then recover identified travel expenses from that agency.

(e)     Reimbursement rates for subsistence, lodging, and mileage are listed on OFM regulations, a copy of which is available in the business office.

3.       Cancellations

Employees should notify the business office as soon as possible when an approved travel arrangement is cancelled.

B.   Student Travel

Student funds may be used to pay travel expenses of individuals who officially represent the associated students in an activity which is generally related to the entire student body.  Students are required to travel with an instructor/ adviser.  A prior trip request form must be submitted by the adviser/coach to the chief student development services officer or designee, with the approval of the administrative dean (i.e., dean of professional development, transfer education, etc.) for approval by the student senate and/or activity council.  All out-of-state travel must be approved in advance by the Wenatchee Valley College president.  Out-of-state travel must be paid for from non-S&A fee fund raising.  Advisers must ensure that students attending a trip sign the travel consent form at least two weeks before departure and that these forms are filed in the student programs office.  Students who refuse to sign the WVC travel consent form will not be allowed to participate in the WVC sponsored activity.

1.       Meals and Lodging:  The combined meal and housing costs may not exceed district travel allowance policies.

2.       ASWVC Vans:  Drivers of vans with a capacity of more than 11 persons are required to possess a valid Washington State driver’s license and be an employee of the college.  All drivers are required to participate in the van safety training program per state mandate.

A.      Instructional Field Trips

1.       Instructional field trips are arranged through the appropriate administrator at the beginning of each quarter, if possible, but not later than two weeks prior to the time trips are to be made.

2.       The instructor must complete the field trip request (form I-3), sign it and submit it to the appropriate administrator for approval.

3.       An instructional field trip is intended to be a class activity and students are required to travel with the instructor. 

4.       Wenatchee Valley College is insured through the tort claims and does not cover employees’ private vehicles.

B.      Use of State Vehicles

1.       State vehicles may only be used for authorized college business.  Only agents and employees of the state may travel in state vehicles.

2.       Vehicles purchased with college or ASWVC funds and vehicles leased from the state motor pool are state-owned and the responsibility of the college. 

3.       To be authorized to use college-owned vehicles, employees and work study students must furnish a copy of their valid driver’s license (appropriate to the vehicle being driven) with a state ID number, the name of their insurance company, and the policy number showing proof of state-required liability insurance.  In addition, it is strongly encouraged that all drivers have “driver of other car” coverage on their personal vehicle liability policy.

4.       Use of any college vehicle for student activities must be scheduled through the chief student development services officer or designee, and checked out on the Wenatchee campus or the campus administrator on the Omak campus.

5.       The following procedures apply to the use of ASWVC-purchased vans:

(a)     Use of ASWVC-purchased vehicles must be approved in advance through the official prior trip approval process.

1)       Travel requests for all ASWVC clubs and organizations must be approved by the appropriate campus activity council and the appropriate campus administrator.

2)       Travel requests for all student government activities must be approved by the appropriate campus student senate and the appropriate campus administrator.

3)       All out-of-state travel by student clubs, organizations, athletic teams and student government must be approved in advance by the appropriate campus administrator and the college president.

(b)     ASWVC-purchased vehicles may be used for group and/or student travel sanctioned by the college, such as college visitations or instructional field trips.  The chief student development services officer or designee and/or the campus administrator of the Omak campus reserve the right to restrict the use of the ASWVC-purchased vehicles when conditions might result in undue damage.

(c)     Charges for the use of ASWVC-purchased vehicles are reviewed annually by the appropriate campus student senate and must be approved by the president’s cabinet.  The current rate schedule for fifteen-passenger vans is available from the student program office.

6.       The following procedure will be followed for the use of vehicles owned by WVC (other than the student vans) for use from the Wenatchee campus.

(b)     If an employee elects to use a personal vehicle even though the Wenatchee WVC vehicle is available for use; the reimbursement rate will be the same as the charge-back rate for the college-owned vehicle.  

(c)  The vehicle will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.  The reservation system will flag when a person is attempting to check the vehicle out for the same destination and time as another employee.  The system will give information to arrange carpooling.

d)       If the destination is different, the reservation system will automatically notify the supervisor by e-mail that a conflict exists and the employee must take a personal vehicle, rental, or other transportation, and that reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle will be at the maximum General Administration approved rate.  

e)       Under certain circumstances, a supervisor may release an employee to receive full reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle if such use benefits the college.

f)         The charge-back rate for the Wenatchee WVC vehicle will be set each year by the budget committee during the budget process.  Factors that will be included in the charge-back are gasoline prices, vehicle depreciation and maintenance costs, and other incurred operational costs. 

7.   Procedures for use of vehicles leased from the state motor pool are established by the department responsible for the vehicle.  These procedures are available from the department and comply with OFM rules and regulation governing travel.  

8.       Responsibility for the use and control of the assigned vehicles shall remain with the employee or authorized student from the time and date the travel packet is picked up from the appropriate campus administrator until the packet is returned to that administrator.  The travel packet consists of keys to the assigned vehicle; a state gas credit card and a mileage report form.  The mileage report form must be signed and completed prior to return of the travel packet.

9.       Wenatchee Valley College is insured through the state tort claims responsibility act.  The State of Washington may, under certain circumstances consistent with OFM policy, attempt to first collect any claims arising from the operation of the college vehicle from the driver’s private insurance carrier.

C.      Use of Common Carrier (Airplane, Bus, Train)

The use of state contracts for airfare is mandatory where available.  (The business office and travel agencies have the OFM-approved list of locations).  Employees should check with the business office for current travel information and assistance before making travel reservations.



NOTE:  WVC Travel Policies are currently under review by WVC administration and are subject to change.  Please check with the student programs office or the business office for verification of policies prior to traveling


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