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Political Science
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Political Science

Course Descriptions

POLS& 101                                5 credits
Introduction to Political Science

The theory, principles, organization and function of political Institutions, such as legislatives, executives and judiciaries, as well as comparative approach to democratic structures such as Parliamentary systems, Confederacies, and Federalism. Emphasis will be placed on political cultures and national characters such as Classical Conservatism, liberalism, fascism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism and democracies.

POLS& 202                                5 credits
American Government

Focus is given to the system, process, and organizational functions of the American government. It also puts primary attention on the relationships between citizens and their national government by exploring the key theoretical precepts that shaped the Constitution and its federal structural arrangements. Close attention is paid to the policy making process and its key actors, as well as various public policies.

POLS& 203                                5 credits
International Relations

The study of the interactions among the various actors that participate in international politics, including individuals, states, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations and sub-national entities, and the theories that try to predict their behavior, such as Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism. Includes use of class website and critical analysis of professional articles.

POLS 206                                    5 credits
State and Local Government

The study of people, institutions and political forces that shape policymaking and policy outcomes in state and local communities. The role of states' politics within the context of the Federalist political system established by the United States Constitution.


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