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Power Plant Operation

PPO 100    5 credits
Introduction to Power Generation
Intended for individuals with an interest in power generation. Provides a broad background in fields related to power generation. Topics include, but are not limited to: basic electricity, how power is produced and transmitted, and principles of high pressure/high temperature steam and field instrumentation.

PPO 102    5 credits
Power Generation
Introduction to environmental aspects of power plant operation including gaseous, noise, solid and liquid pollutants and their impact. Introduction to the materials used in boilers, joining boiler parts, types of boilers, and basics of boiler combustion and of necessary ancillary equipment. Introduction to generation through hydropower and alternative energy sources. Prerequisite: PPO 100.

PPO 103    5 credits
Plant Design and Operations
Focus will be on boiler operations, steam turbine descriptions and operations, and water treatment pertaining to power plant needs. Students shall have successfully completed PPO 102 and have basic skills in chemistry, physics and technical math. Prerequisite: PPO 102.

PPO 131    5 credits
Industrial Electrical Safety
Introduces the cost and effects of workplace injuries, equipment and procedures for a safe workplace. Instruction includes dangers of working in a power plant, dangerous substances, personal protective equipment, basic first aid and CPR. Prerequisite: PPO 102.



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