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Please check the Academic Calendar for Registration start dates.

Mail-in or Walk-in Registration


Mail-in or walk-in registration is only available to those students who are enrolling in six or fewer credits OR are taking Senior Education classes.


Please fill out ALL of the blanks on the Mail-In Form.  Incomplete forms will be returned.If your class requires an instructor's signature as a prerequisite, you must have the instructor sign your enrollment form.  Mail your completed registration form along with your check (made out to Wenatchee Valley College for the exact amount) or credit card information to:


            Wenatchee Valley College

            Attn:  Registration Dept.

            1300 5th Street

            Wenatchee, WA 98801-1741


To calculate your payment, see Tuition & Fees.  


Mail-in or walk-in registrations are not processed until continuing and former WVC students have been allowed to register. 


Online Registration


Registration via the Web is available to any WVC student with a current application on file.  If you have not attended WVC for more than a quarter (excluding summer), you will need to submit a new application to access Web registration.  The following students, however, will need to register in person:

  • Taking ABE, ESL or GED classes
  • Registering on a space-available tuition waiver
  • Have library fines, parking tickets or other unpaid debts to the college.  These must be cleared before you will be able to register for classes. 

To access online registration, you will need your:


Student Identification number, or SID

This is the random nine-digit number assigned to you by WVC after your application was processed. Please see the Display My SID page if you have forgotten your number.


Personal Identification Number (PIN)

This is a six-digit number that is assigned to you during application to WVC.  It is initially set to your birthdate (mm/dd/yy format).


The name of your current adviser is always listed near the top of your Student Schedule.


 Registration Time

For continuing and former students.  Use the Student Kiosk to find out your Registration Time.  You can also find hard copies of the list located at various points across campus.  You may register at your appointment time or any time thereafter.


Note for former students:  If you have not attended college for more than one quarter (excluding summer) you need to re-apply to WVC in order to have a new registration appointment activated for your account.  Contact Admissions at 682-6806 if you have questions.


Registration times are normally established in the following manner:


Continuing students register first, along with former students who have submitted a new application.  Times are based on the number of credits earned while at WVC.


New students have advising and registration times assigned to them once they have met with an educational planner.


Mail-in or walk in students who want to take six or fewer credits and have not seen an adviser can register the day after continuing and former students. 


These procedures are subject to change at any time.  Please refer to the student calendar for specific dates for each quarter.


For a step-by-step procedure of online registration, please visit  Welcome to Web Registration.


In Person


The Wenatchee registration office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m , Monday through Friday, and is located in Wenatchi Hall, first floor, on the Wenatchee campus.  The office will be open until 6 p.m. the first two days of each quarter.  The Omak registration  office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located in the Administration Building on the Omak campus. The Omak office is also open until 6 p.m. the first two days of each quarter.  Please call 509.682.6833 (Wenatchee) or 509.422.7807 (Omak) if you have any questions. You may also download a Registration Form online.


Continuing Education

You may register any time for continuing education classes by mail, by phone (with a credit card), in person or online.  Please see the Continuing Education website for more details.


Senior Citizens


After the 5th instructional day of the quarter, but before the 10th day, anyone over 60 years of age may register for most credit classes for a special tuition rate of $5 per class.  Registration is on a space-available basis for a maximum of two classes per quarter. 

Note:  There will be no transcript record for classes taken on a space-available basis.  These classes do not qualify for transfer.


1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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