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Student Kiosk Help

Student Kiosk – Online Services Instructions


You must have a Student Identification (SID) number and a global PIN to use the majority of these pages.  For security reasons, WVC strongly recommends you change your global PIN on a regular basis.


The STUDENT KIOSK is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and on the weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Display My Student ID


This will allow you to look up your WVC assigned SID number.  You will need to enter your last number, birth date and the last four digits of your Social Security number to view your SID.  You will need to enter the information EXACTLY as it appears in WVC’s records, or the system will not be able to find your information.


Web Admissions


This will take you to the WVC online Web Admissions Center.  Be sure to read all of the directions to ensure your application can be processed as quickly as possible.  You will be asked to set up a User ID and password the first time you access the site.  This will allow you to save a partially completed application if you need to finish it at a later time. 


Web Registration


Students can use this function to add or drop classes.  You will need the following information in order to use this process at WVC:

  • Your SID and PIN to be able to login to the system
  • Your registration time.  On the Kiosk, click on Registration Appointment to verify when you can begin to register.
  • The item numbers of the courses you wish to add or drop.  If you are not sure, you can find these through the WVC Complete Course Schedule. 

There is an online Help function inside the Web Registration screen that will tell you how to add and drop classes.


Student Schedule


The Schedule page will list your courses from any quarter, including the current one, you have attended WVC.  You will need to enter your SID, your PIN, the year and the quarter number for which quarter you want to view.  The quarter numbers are as follows:

1 = Summer     2 = Fall     3 = Winter     4 = Spring


Schedule Planner


The Schedule Planner gives you the ability to select courses based on time, day of the week and how they fit into the distribution requirements for the Associate of Arts and Science (transfer) degree. 

NOTE:  The Planner is only a tool to help you pick classes to fit your needs.  It does not register you for classes, nor does it indicate if a class is full.  CLICK HERE for more details on planning your schedule.


Registration Appointment


This page will display your registration time for a particular quarter, if you have one.  The number of credits you have earned at WVC determines the appointment time.  New students will received a time after they have met with an educational planner.  

Credit Card Payment


You can pay your tuition and fees via this page using a credit card (VISA or Mastercard).  You will need to enter your SID, your global PIN, and quarter you wish to pay for, and the system will determine your current account balance.  This screen does have a Help function that will step you through the process.  If there are problems, please call the cashier at (509) 682-6520 for help.


Class Information


This will display the current schedule information for a particular class, including a course description.  You will need to enter the class item number and select the year-quarter.



Student PIN Change


This will allow you to change your global PIN from the one assigned to you to one of your choosing.  You will need to know your SID and your current PIN to be able to change it.

For security reasons, WVC strongly recommends you change your PIN.



Student Address Change (also phone number and e-mail)


You can use this screen to update your mailing address, your phone number, and your e-mail address.  It is important for you to verify that WVC has your correct information in our system.


Employment Services


This link on the Kiosk page will take you to the Career Resources page hosted by the Employment Security Department.  It has many useful features regarding job searches and employment opportunities around the state.


Financial Aid Information


This feature will help explain the different ways of helping you pay for your education.  You may also apply for financial aid online, check out student loan options, and inquire as to the status of your aid package at WVC.  Please contact the financial aid office at (509) 682-6810 for further information.


Unofficial Transcript


This page will allow you to view your unofficial transcript.  You will need to enter your SID and PIN. 

NOTE:  Use this function to get your quarterly grades and GPA.  Those are no longer mailed out to students at the end of the quarter.


Student Tuition and Fee Record


The information on this page is to help you determine whether the tuition and fees you have paid qualify for the Hope Scholarship or the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit for the  tax year. Every effort has been made to correctly select the amounts that apply for the tax credits. However, you may want to consult with a tax adviser to ensure the courses and payments identified comply with IRS requirements.

The Hope Scholarship requires that you were enrolled at least half time for at least one quarter in the tax year. If you do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements for the Hope Scholarship, you may still be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit regardless of whether you were enrolled full time, half time or less than half time.

If you had qualifying tuition and fees, you should also receive a 1098-T form from WVC with the same information.  Please note that to be able to claim these credits on your tax return WVC must have your SSN in our system.

Continuing Education Registration


This page will allow you to register for WVC Continuing Education courses.  If you have questions about any of these classes, please contact (509) 682-6900 or visit the continuing education website through the WVC home page.


Complete Course Schedule


This will allow you to see every course offered for a particular quarter.  It is broken out by campus (Wenatchee and Omak) and for distance learning classes. 



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