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Registration Wait Lists

The Wait List feature will give a student trying to register for a class that is full the option of placing their name on an automated wait list.  This option is not available before a students' scheduled registration time.

All wait lists are maintained on a first come, first served basis. Wait lists will be available for the majority of credit bearing classes at WVC.  If a class has an active waitlist, all regular registration activity for that class stops. As other students drop these classes, waitlisted students are registered into available class openings from the waitlist in chronological order. 

There are some things to keep in mind when using the Wait List functions:

  • Though the college will make an attempt to contact you, it is the the student’s responsibility to be aware of enrollment changes as a result of placing yourself on a waitlist and to pay your tuition on time. 

·        Students can add themselves to a maximum of three (3) waitlists.

·        Students cannot add themselves to a waitlist if they are already enrolled in another section of the same course.

·       All pre-requisites for a class must be met to be accepted to its' waitlist. Entry codes are not used to overload classes and instructors will not be able to bypass the wait list function to overload a student.

·        If there is a reason a student cannot be enrolled off a waitlist, (for example, the additional class would put them over 18 credits), the Registration office will attempt to contact the student to resolve the issue.  If no contact or resolution can be made within one (1) business day, the open spot will be given to the next student on the wait list.

Once a student is enrolled into a class from the waitlist, all tuition and fees are due. If the date of enrollment is past the tuition due date for the quarter, students have two days following the registration into a class from the waitlist to make payment.  If you are receiving financial aid and have questions about paying for the additional credits, please contact their office at 682-6810.

Students are either called or sent an email as notice of enrollment into a class from the waitlist.  The email will be sent to the student's personal email account, if it has been provided.  If that is not available, a notice will go to the students WVC email account.  The due date for payment is not based when a student is notified, but is based on their enrollment into a class.


Students can check their wait list status or remove themselves from a waitlist through the Student Kiosk under the "Waitlist Inquiry and Update" function. Students will need their student identification number (SID) and quarterly personal identification number (PIN)  to access this function.

Wait List Cutoff

The waitlists will turned off at the end of the second business day before the first day of the quarter. For example, if classes start on a Monday, the wait list will be shurt off at the end of Thursday the week before.  Starting the first day of the quarter, any student that wants permission to overload a class must contact the instructor, regardless of their position on a previous wait list for the course.


Students are responsible for making sure their class schedule is accurate by dropping unwanted classes. Failure to do so will result in a 0.0 grade being posted to their transcript and possible additional tuition and fees.

Please contact the Registration office at (509) 682-6839 with questions about the wait list process.


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