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Student Costs


What Running Start covers

In the Running Start Program, your tuition is paid for by your public school district.  There are limitations though: your high school will only cover your tuition up to the point where you are just above full time enrollment.  See your high school counselor for how many Running Start credits your school will cover given the amount high school classes you are taking.

Also, remember that Running Start only covers college-level courses (numbered 100 or above).


What Running Start does not cover

Running Start does not normally cover student fees or textbooks.  If you go above the limit on credits your high school will cover for you,  you can still take additional credits but you will have to pay for them.  See the WVC tuition and fees page for what fees to expect. 


If you qualify for free or reduced lunch

If you qualify for free or reduced lunch at your high school you can receive a credit towards purchasing textbooks (provided that you maintain at least a 2.7 GPA and funds are available).  To take advantage of this opportunity, fill out a Verification of Eligibility for Book Fund form with your high school counselor.



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