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How to Enroll and What to do After


1.  Attend an info session

Info sessions are mandatory for fall start students. The simplest way to enter Running Start is to attend an info session during the spring preceding an anticipated fall start. Here you will be able learn the basics of what the program has to offer and ask questions about how well the program might fit you as the student.  Students anticipating a winter or spring start should also attend an info session if possible.


2.  Take the Compass test

The Compass test will assess the student's abilities in reading, writing, and math. Students must score at the college-level in reading and writing to take non-math related courses through Running Start. Students must score at the college-level in math to take math or math related courses through Running Start.


3.  Apply for Running Start admission

You can print a copy of the Running Start admission form here. Please do not use the standard admissions forms for WVC as they will not denote you as a Running Start student.


4.  Meet with your high school counselor and fill out an Enrollment Verification Form

Make an appointment with your high school counselor. You will need to meet with them approximately one month into each quarter to discuss what high school graduations requirements you could work on the following college quarter and to fill out your quarterly Enrollment Verification Form. This form must have your signature, your parent's signature (while you are under 18), your high school counselor's signature, your college student ID number, your school district, and how many credits you qualify for under Running Start before you can register for classes. This form is important as it will allow your tuition to be covered by your high school. Without it, registration might drop you from classes. You can find a copy of the Enrollment Verification Form here.


5.  Meet with a Running Start adviser and register for classes

Sign up for a meeting with a Running Start adviser. Here you will turn in your Enrollment Verification Form as well as discuss college goals, resources at the college for meeting those goals, and what classes to take next quarter. Soon after this meeting you are able to register for classes online.


6.  Attend College 101

College 101 will help acquaint you with the WVC campus. These orientation events typically happen during August and you can sign up for one during your first Running Start advising appointment.


7.  Buy books and start classes

See the Running Start calendar for the first day of classes for each quarter.


8.  Repeat steps 4 and 5 a month into every quarter.


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