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What Should You Expect from Running Start?

Running Start student in soils labRunning Start students are treated like any other college student and must meet all the classroom and school performance standards. The student, NOT THE PARENT, must deal with issues relating to college. Full-time enrollment in college is different from high school, and combined enrollment of a Running Start student should be carefully scheduled to make the student's experience successful. Three 5-credit classes, or 15 credits total, per quarter is considered full-time enrollment in college. There are three quarters in college compared to two semesters in high school. Consequently, college classes move much faster than high school and require more out-of-class preparation. For instance, a math or history class generally covers in 10 weeks (one quarter) the same material that a high school class covers in 36 weeks (one year). This leaves little time for classroom review. Students who are absent from class for any reason must make up whatever they missed.

College classes require about two hours of homework for each hour of lecture time. Since a five-credit class meets five hours a week, the time commitment is about 15 hours a week (five hours in class and 10 hours of study). The instructor covers the material rapidly and expects that students will be prepared for and participate in class. Meeting deadlines for projects and research papers is very important.

College grading policies might be quite different from those of the high school and may vary among instructors. Students should work closely with the instructor throughout the quarter to eliminate any surprises in the quarter grade. Students having problems are expected to seek out the instructor first. Instructors have office hours specifically for meeting with their students.

The quarterly grade report is part of a permanent college transcript. The Running Start student's grades will be sent to the high school to be placed on his or her high school transcript. When applying to another college, the student should request that an official Wenatchee Valley College transcript be sent to that college. No information, including grades, will be released without the written permission of the student.

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