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Student Development Skills

Course Descriptions

SDS 101     5 credits
Study Skills

Course covers college-level study skills, including time management, goal setting, classroom etiquette, learning styles, math study skills, note-taking, textbook reading and comprehension, exam preparation and test taking, basic research skills, and basic presentation skills. Prerequisites: Compass score writing placement in ENGL 090 or above.

SDS 102     1 credit
Online Readiness

Introductory online course with emphasis on technical preparation, navigation, communication in online environment, and how online learning differs from face-to face instruction. Students learn how online courses work, acquire personal preparation for successful learning online, and identify when and how online learning is best incorporated into their educational activities.

SDS 103     3 credits
Study Skills for Mathematics

An intensive course in basic math principles and math-specific study skills to improve student performance in developmental math. Students should be concurrently enrolled in MATH 90, 93, 98, or 99. Prerequisites: concurrent enrollment in MATH 090, MATH 093, MATH 098, MATH 099, or instructor's signature.

SDS 104     3 credits
Stress Management

Understanding of the nature of stress, principles of stress management and strategies for "creating, rejuvenating, and sustaining" a healthy, balanced life style. Through lecture and experiential learning, learn to reduce anxiety around tests, homework, relationships and more. Prerequisite: ENGL 097.

SDS 105     3 credits
Effective Leadership

Designed to provide emerging and existing leaders the opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and to develop and improve their leadership skills. Integrates readings from the humanities, experiential exercises, films and contemporary readings on leadership. Prerequisite: appropriate placement score. College-level reading and writing skills recommended.

SDS 106     3 credits
Career and Life Planning

An opportunity to explore career options that best fit with student's personality, interests, abilities and values. Emphasis is on personal assessment. Prerequisite: placement in English 097 strongly advised.

SDS 107     1 credit
College Navigation Skills 1

Introduces techniques, strategies and information fundamental for students to navigate in the college environment. Includes content in goal setting, critical thinking, decision making and problem solving, time management and stress management. Prerequisites: may require instructor's signature.

SDS 108     1 credit
College Navigation Skills 2

Introduces student development techniques, strategies and information fundamental for students to navigate in the college environment. Includes content in financial decision-making strategies, creating a financial plan for higher education, college paper writing requirements, understanding self-awareness and motivation as tools for college success. Prerequisites: may require instructor's signature.

SDS 109     1 credit
College Navigation Skills 3

Introduces career development techniques, strategies and information fundamental to prepare students to be successful in a professional environment. Includes content in resume writing, interview tips, career exploration, securing internships and the creation of an individualized portfolio. Prerequisites: may require instructor signature.

SDS 110     2 credits
Critical Thinking

Learning styles, holistic thinking, logic and problem solving will help students develop new thinking strategies and patterns. Prerequisites: placement in ENGL 097 strongly recommended.

SDS 115     2 credits
English Study Skills

An intensive course in grammar and study skills to prepare students to succeed in English courses. Prerequisites: concurrent enrollment in ENGL 097.

SDS 207     1 credit
College Navigation IV

Techniques, strategies and information fundamental to successfully transfer to a four-year institution. Students will also explore majors/programs and career opportunities.



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