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Student Technology Information

Welcome to Wenatchee Valley College! The Technology Department’s mission includes providing secure and reliable technical resources that foster learning. Here are some of the services we have developed for student use.

Network Logon Account
A network logon account is provided to every WVC student enrolled in a credit class. This account is required to access the Internet, student e-mail and computers in labs and classrooms.

Two pieces of information are required to log on: an account name (user name prompt) and a password.


  • The account name consists of a student's first initial and last name exactly as it appears in the class registration process and the last four digits of your student ID number. There is no space between the first initial, last name and the last four digits of your SID number. The account name is not case sensitive.  Example:  RSmith1234.


  • The account password is a student's birthday, in mmddyy format.  Please enter all 6 digits including zeros.

Students having trouble logging on should check to make sure they are using the same first initial of the name used to register for class.  Example:  BSmith1234 would deny access to a student registered as Robert Smith.  If problems,continue, check with your instructor , the lab assistants in the Wenatchi Hall Computer Lab (2205) or the library.


Please note:  To prevent hacking, your account is locked after 15 unsuccessful logon attempts. Your password can be reset by a lab tutor, or by your instructor.  You will need to provide some form of identification for them to do so.

Student E-mail Account

You have been issued an e-mail account with 300MB of storage space. Your e-mail address consists of your first initial, last name and the last four digits of your student ID number, exactly as you registered for class, followed by @student.wvc.edu.  Example:  the e-mail address of Robert Smith would be RSmith1234@student.wvc.edu. 


Students may access their e-mail on campus, through Outlook and off campus, through the Web. Microsoft Outlook is automatically configured for students at their first logon to the network. From then on, simply click on the Outlook icon to get your mail from a campus machine.


To access your email account from off-campus, type in the following address:  



Off campus, your user name is your full email address. First initial, last name, last four of your SID @student.wvc.edu.  Using the example above, RSmith1234@student.wvc.edu would be his user name when off campus.


Your password is the same as on campus.


Some computers may prompt you to enter the domain.  Type student. 


Please note:  The supported Web browsers for Web Outlook are Internet Explorer 5.01 and higher, and Netscape Navigator 4.08 and higher. AOL is known to have problems in this environment. If you use AOL as your regular browser at home, you may need to download one of the recommended browsers to read your WVC mail.


Spam control:  WVC has selected Proofpoint as its primary line of defense against spam. Proofpoint detects and quarantines spam e-mail messages before they get to an Inbox. Once a day, Proofpoint will send a Spam Digest, which lists quarantined messages, with message handling options.  Take no action regarding these messages and they they will be deleted from quarantine in 14 days. Check Help within the Spam Digest for more information on message handling options.



Secure File Storage

You have 1 GB (Gigabyte) of secured file storage space.  Your roaming profile and My Documents folder are used to store files and data on your secured file storage space.  A roaming profile brings up your personal preferences and files on any student computer loaded with the XP operating system.  When you save files to the Desktop or My Documents folder, they are actually stored on your secured file storage space.  While logged on to a student computer, your My Documents folder is also known as the “H:” drive under My Computer.


In your My Documents folder, you will see a folder for each course you are taking, and a folder called "Personal."  Both you and your instructor can add, change, and delete files in the specific class folder.  Instructors do not have access to the files stored in your Personal folder.  You can also create other folders to organize your files.


Please note:  When customizing your wallpaper, keep in mind that only JPEG image formats will 'stick' in a roaming profile.  Non-JPEG wallpaper images will not follow you from one computer to the next. 

Computer Information
About the computers:

  • While student lab and classroom computers may appear to let you save documents to the hard drive or change the configuration of the computers, every time a computer is rebooted, the machine is restored to its original configuration.  All files saved to the hard drives, and any configuration changes, will disappear, leaving computers in pristine condition for the next student. Only changes made to your profile, or files saved to your Desktop & My Documents folder will be kept.
  • Food and drink are not allowed in classrooms or labs with computers in them.
  • Refer to the WVC Computer Lab Policy at the end of this document for more information on acceptable use of WVC computing facilities.

WVC Wireless Student Guest Network

The Wenatchee Valley College Wireless Student Guest Network provides free wireless Internet access to any member of the college community with a student logon account and a Web enabled device. 


A wireless connection works just like a wired Ethernet connection.  Since wireless bandwidth is shared among all users connected within a given area, network speed may be noticeably slower when many people are using wireless, and generally will not be as fast as wired Ethernet.


Where is wireless available?  Wireless access points have been installed in the following areas:

Wenatchee Campus

  • Brown Library, 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Van Tassell, Student Lounge and Cafeteria
  • Wells Hall, Wings 2, 3 and Campus Theater
  • Wenatchi Hall
  • Music and Arts Center
  • Gym
  • Batjer, northeast wing
  • Eller Fox

Omak Campus

·         Library Building

·         Student Lounge

·         Friendship Hall

·         Omak Nursing


Any 802.11 compliant wireless card has the capability to connect to the WVC Wireless Network.  Your wireless device will detect the “hot spots," and may automatically connect or prompt you to connect.


Please note: The information resources available in classrooms that utilize college owned and managed equipment are the same as the resources you have in wired classrooms.  These resources include your H: drive, and some specialized library data bases.  For security reasons, when you use your own laptop, you only have access to the Internet.


What will I need to connect?

·         An active WVC network account

·         A computer with Windows XP or Windows 2000

·         A properly installed and configured 802.11b or g (preferred) wireless network card

·         A 128-bit encryption capable Web browser

·         A current version of antivirus software on your personal system

·         Administrative rights to the computer you are using


Please check the documentation that came with your PDA, cell phone or other device for information on what you need to connect to a wireless network.


How do I set up my laptop?  NOTE:  The following instructions are for Windows XP only.  Older Windows operating systems will work but are not documented here.  Also, the instructions assume that you are using a name brand NIC card, and in the installation of XP, you have allowed XP to maintain the configuration of your network card.  If you need help with other devices, contact your computer vendor or wireless network card vendor. 


You will need to install a wireless network card (NIC) if you do not have one.  To verify that your NIC card is installed correctly, follow these steps:


·         From the Desktop, right click on “My Computer” and select “Properties.”

·         Click on the “Hardware” tab.

·         Click on the “Device Manager” button.  Your wireless NIC should be listed under “Network Adapters.”


As mentioned above, your wireless device will detect the “hot spots," and may automatically connect or prompt you to connect.  Once you are connected, open your Web browser and follow these steps: 


·         In the lower right hand corner of your Task Bar, browse for your visible wireless network icon.

·         Select the “WVC_Stu_Guest” network name.

·         Select “No Encryption” and the lowest level of security (no security).

·         Check the box “Allow me to connect to the selected wireless network even though it is not secure.”


You should only have to perform these steps the first time you log on.


After you launch your Web browser, you will be taken to the Wireless Guest logon page.  Enter your WVC username and password, and browse away!


What are the gotchas?  Consider the following issues when using the wireless network:


  • Security.  Although you are protected from the Internet by the WVC firewall, your computer is still vulnerable to other WVC wireless users.  Use this network at your own risk.  Protect yourself by loading current antivirus software on your computer. 
  • Appropriate Use Policies:  Users of the WVC Wireless Student Guest Network are held to the WVC Computer Lab Policy, WVC Acceptable Use Policy, and all state and federal laws regarding acceptable use and copyright.  The Code of Student Conduct applies.
  • Time Limit: There is a 3-hour time limit on your wireless networking session.  After 3 hours, you will return back to the network authentication logon page.  In addition, your computer will be logged off the network after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Printing is not supported.
  • Batteries:  A wireless card requires power.  A laptop’s batteries will deplete much faster while using wireless.
  • Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to physically plug your personal equipment into the WVC Network.


Where do I go for help?  In the event that you are unable to access the WVC Wireless Student Guest Network, please see the lab assistants in the Wenatchi Hall Computer Lab (2205) or the on third floor of the library.  Please note: lab assistants are available to assist you in connecting to the wireless network; however they are not responsible for configuring or installing your network adapter.  Contact your computer or wireless network card vendor for further installation and configuration support.


What if I can still not login?  You may be typing your student username and/or password incorrectly.  Be certain that you are typing the same name you used to register for classes.  If you are unable to access the system using what you believe is a correct username and password, a lab assistant may be able to help you. 




Wired Connections

WVC does not allow the connection of non-WVC managed equipment to its wired network.  Non-WVC computer equipment is defined as computing, networking, video, and telecommunications equipment not owned, maintained or managed by the WVC Technology Department.


Controls on such devices are necessary to assure the integrity and reliability of WVC's internal networks and the hosts on those networks.  Failure to comply may result in the loss of computing privileges.  


If you have other questions about the technology that Wenatchee Valley College provides, please ask your instructor or advisor. 



Privacy Policy
Section 700.200 of the college policies states:

WVC’s technology department strives to provide security and privacy in all electronic transactions. However, no electronic or physical system can be 100% guaranteed for privacy and security. In addition, WVC reserves the right to monitor any and all electronic messages and transactions that travel on or through its Local Area Networks for the following purposes:

  • Troubleshooting of hardware, software and technology services
  • Monitoring compliance to these policies
  • Gathering data on Quality of Service and other measures for assessing technology infrastructure
  • Tracking any other activity where that tracking is not explicitly prohibited by law, policy, contract or agreement.

Classroom Phones
Classroom phones are for emergency use only. You may dial either 911, or 9911 to get emergency services. Classroom phones have been programmed so that off-campus numbers and other classrooms cannot be called.

If you have other questions about the technology that Wenatchee Valley College provides, please ask your instructor or adviser.

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