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 Eastmont Tech Prep

Eastmont High School


Earn the following credits at

Wenatchee Valley College

Accounting I & II

2 semesters – 1 credit

ACCT 102 Practical Accounting I

5 credits

Agriculture Science

2 semesters – 1 credit

AGRI 101 Survey of Agriculture

3 credits

Small Engine Repair

1 semester - 0.5 credit

AGRI 105 Agricultural Mechanics

3 credits 

Horticulture Science

2 semesters 1 credit

AGRI 108 Introduction to Horticulture

3 credits 

Microsoft Office Applications

1 semester - 0.5 credit

BCT 105 Computer Applications

5 credits 

Web Design

1 semester - 0.5 credit

BCT 251 Web Publishing

3 credits 

Child Development

2 semesters – 1 credit

ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education - 5 cr.

AND ECE 131 Field Experience I – 2 credits


1 semester - .5 credit

ENGR 102 Engineering Graphics

4 credits


1 semester - 0.5 credit

ENGR 105 Computer-Aided Drafting

5 credits 

Health Occupations

2 periods 1 year – 2 credits

NURS 090 Universal Self-Care for Nursing Assistant – 8 credits AND HLTH 123 Medical Terminology – 3 credits

Natural Resources

2 semesters – 1 credit

NATR 108 Natural Resources Management

3 credits


2 semesters – 1 credit

WELD 128 Basic Welding

3 credits


Eastmont Jr. High Courses

Earn the following credits at

Wenatchee Valley College

Ag Sci 1-2

2 semesters

AGRI 101 Survey of Ag

3 credits

Digi Tools

1 semester

BCT 100 Basic Computer Keyboarding - 
2 credits

Microsoft Office Applications     
1 semester

  BCT 105 Computer Applications -  5 credits

5 Easy Steps to Direct Credit

  1. Enroll in Eastmont High School or Junior High Tech Prep classes.
  2. Register for Tech Prep credits at http://sers.techprepwa.org the same school year you take the class. In the case of a multi-semester or multi-year class, register during the last required semester.
  3. Return the resulting registration form to the WVC Tech Prep Office with a one-time non-refundable $15 fee.
  4. Earn a “B” or better grade in Tech Prep classes. Your teacher will report your grade in the online registration system.
  5. Receive Wenatchee Valley College credits.


For more information

Contact Ms. Kuntz in the Career Center, Mrs. Whitney

in the office, your instructor or your Guidance Counselor


Call NCW Tech Prep Consortium




1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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