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Placement Test Information

Pre-Placement Questionnaire

The Pre-Placement Questionnaire will help you determine if you need to take the placement test or if you might have other documentation that would place you in math and English classes. The Pre-Placement Questionnaire is not a test and takes less than a minute to complete. If you are a high school student who is interested in the Running Start program, do not take the Pre-Placement Questionnaire; instead contact the Running Start Office directly for program eligibility requirements (509.682.6855 or 509.682.6591).

Click here to launch the Pre-Placement Questionnaire

If the results of the Pre-Placement Questionnaire state that you do need to take the placement test, use the links below to study. Once you are ready, contact the Wenatchee or Omak Testing Center to schedule your test (contact info below).

 Study Materials

 Placement Test Information

  • The placement test is not timed but usually takes students about 2 hours to complete.
  • The placement test costs $24. Once you have completed the test, no refund can be issued.
  • Valid photo ID is required to test. Please bring your receipt and ID to the test session.
  • Calculators, pencils, and scratch paper are provided.
  • Scores are valid for 3 years. Students must wait 3 months before retesting.
  • If you have a learning or physical disability, contact the Student Access Coordinator before you schedule your test (in Wenatchee call Carla Boyd at 509.682.6854 or in Omak call Vicki Turner at 509.422.7812).

 Wenatchee Testing Center

  • The Wenatchee Testing Center is located on the first floor of Wenatchi Hall. Call or stop by to schedule a test (509.682.6830).
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to your test. If you park in the Visitors Parking Lot, request a free parking day-pass at the Testing Center.
  • Pay the test fee at the Cashiers Office in Wenatchi Hall prior to taking your test.
  • Wenatchee testing is typically held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1:30pm and Thursdays at 9:00am. However, this schedule is subject to change.
  • To request a copy of your scores, please fill out a request form and email, fax, mail, or bring it into the Testing Center.
    • Email: testingcenter@wvc.edu
    • Fax: 509.682.6841
    • Mailing address:
      Wenatchee Valley College
      Testing Center
      1300 Fifth Street
      Wenatchee, WA 98801

 Omak Testing Center

  • Call 509.422.7803 for more information or to schedule an appointment to take the placement test.
  • Omak tests are typically held Monday through Thursday at 8:30am or 1:30pm.
  • Testing takes place in the Administration Building at 116 West Apple Avenue in Omak.
  • If you are a high school student who is interested in the Running Start program at the Omak campus, do not take the Pre-Placement Questionnaire; instead contact the Running Start Educational Planner in Omak for program eligibility requirements (509.422.7848).

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