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Official Transcript

An official transcript is a copy of your permanent academic record. It is signed by the registrar and has the college seal placed over the signature. Your transcript will be released only on your written request, accompanied by your signature.

The Transcript Request Form is available for download here. When requesting a transcript, please complete all lines on the form, include either your WVC SID number or your social security number, and be sure to sign the form. We can not process your request without your signature.  An incomplete form may be returned and can delay processing your request. 

As of September 6, 2011, there will be a $4.50 charge for each official transcript requested.  Your transcript may be withheld if you have not met all financial obligations to Wenatchee Valley College. Picture ID is required if you are picking up your transcript at the admissions/registration office.

Transcripts can not be released to a third party unless we have written permission from the student.

You can complete the request at the admissions/registration counter or fax it to us at (509) 682-6801.If you choose to mail it in, send the request to:

Wenatchee Valley College

Attn:Registration and Admissions

1300 5th Street

Wenatchee, WA98801


For more information, please call (509) 682-6836.


Unofficial Transcripts

You can access your unofficial transcript through the Student Kiosk.You will need your SID and global PIN to get this information.This is the way you would view your grades received at WVC.


Transcript Evaluations

You may request an evaluation of your transcripts at any time.It is important to do so to verify how far along you are to earning your degree or certificate and what classes you have left to take.To request an evaluation, complete the evaluation request form (Academic Program Evaluation or Vocational Program Evaluation) and return it to the transcript evaluator in student development.Please be sure to include your SID or SSN on the form and remember to sign it.We can’t process the request without your signature.


When an evaluation is being done, credits from WVC will be used evaluated first, then any transfer credits from other colleges (if accepted), and then any non-traditional (non-graded) credits.


If you have attended another college, it is important to have had official copies of those transcripts sent to WVC before requesting an evaluation.





WVC can do an evaluation with unofficial transcripts for advising purposes, but you must have an official copy of these transcripts on file if you want to use credits from other colleges toward a degree at WVC.


Student Development will process evaluations for academic degrees only (Associate of Arts, Transfer; Associate of Science; Associate of General Studies [non-transfer]). Evaluations for technical degrees or certificates will be sent to the appropriate vocational dean.  


You can either bring the form into student development (1st floor of Wenatchi Hall), fax it to us at (509) 682-6801, or mail it in to:


Wenatchee Valley College

Attn:Registration and Admissions

1300 5th Street

Wenatchee, WA98801


Transfer Credits


A maximum of 60 credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities my be applied toward a WVC degree, meeting either requirements or electives, at the discretion of the credential evaluator, dean, or program adviser.  The following is a list of those organizations that grant regional accreditation in the United States:


Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools Middle States Commission on Higher Education

New England Association of Schools & Colleges Commission on Institutions of Higher Education

New England Association of Schools & Colleges Commission on Technical & Career Institutions

North Central Association of Colleges & Schools The Higher Learning Commission

Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities

Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges

Western Association of Schools & Colleges Accrediting Commission for Community Colleges

Western Association of Schools & Colleges Accrediting Commission for Senior Universities


Up to 15 credits of restricted elective may be accepted from schools whose curriculum has been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE). 


Transfer credit is not awarded for the following types of coursework:  (1) courses taken at colleges that are not regionally accredited, (2) non-credit courses and workshops, (3) remedial or college preparatory courses (ie-student orientation classes), (4) sectarian religious studies.


Transfer courses with less than a D grade (or 1.0) can not be used to satisfy a graduation requirement.


Upper division courses (usually numbered 300-400) will only be applied toward a degree distribution area if a similar course exists at Wenatchee Valley College.  The credit evaluator may allow some other upper division courses to be used as restricted electives, depending on the nature of the course work.


Credits from semester schools are multiplied by 1.5 to convert them to quarter credits.  For example, 2 semester credits = 3 quarter credits, and 3 semester credits = 4.5 quarter credits.


Students who have attend colleges and/or universities outside of the US must provide their transcripts and an evaluation of those transcripts by a qualified evaluation agency.  You should request a course-by-course evaluation to maximize the credit that may be transferred to WVC.  A list of foreign education credentials services is available through Student Development.


Nontraditional Credit

Wenatchee Valley College encourages flexibility, innovation and independent study in the educational process. Nontraditional credit programs allow you to earn credit outside of the classroom setting. The following are types of nontraditional credit accepted at WVC:

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

College Board Advanced Placement (AP)

Cooperative Work Experience (CWE)

Course Challenge

Credit for Military Experience

CLICK HERE for detailed information regarding nontraditional credit.


Course Equivalency Guides for Washington Universities
These guides will help you determine which WVC courses transfer to a Washington 4-year university.

For more information, please call 509.682.6836.

1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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