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Other Fees

Fees for 2013-14 are available below. For a list of fees for 2014-15, click on the link below:

Class Fees (per quarter unless otherwise indicated)

Class 2013-14 Fees
 ABE/ESL (Materials fee) $10
 Agriculture/Tree Fruit $16.20
per class
2D Art $12.50-$24.90
per class
3D Art and Sculpture $12.50-$24.90
per class
Automotive Technology
($48 waived, $52 collected)
Business Computer Technology
(Software Fee)
per class
Ceramics $35.40
per class
Computer Lab
(Dedicated to cost of supplies and maintenance of computer labs. Extended to any class with a computer lab requirement)
Computer Technology & Systems $40.90
(for software updates. $25 waived, $75 collected)
Equipment Fee
(Tennis, golf, racquetball, fencing, body conditioning)
per class
Figure Drawing $71.30
per class
Fitness Center $8.50
per class
Graphic Design $43.20
per class
HOEEP $150.00
Industrial Technology
(software fee)
Medical Laboratory Technology $26.50
Music Instruction
(Private Music Instruction.)
per credit
Natural Resources
(for software upgrades)
per class
Natural Resources $23.80
per class
Nursing $50.00
Painting and Drawing $6.70 or $13.60
per class
Printmaking $17.60
per class
(Fee for occasional use of racquetball court; fee is per session, regardless of people)
per session
Radiologic Technology $50.00
Refrigeration $26.50
(Anatomy & physiology, anthropology, biology, chemistry, earth science, geology, physics)
per class
(THTR 170 only)
per class
Welding $57.00
per class
 Testing Fees 
CLEP (Maximum of 15 credits $10.00
per credit
COMPASS Placement $24.00 retest
$24.00 ($8.00 per section
Course Challenge
(Maximum of 15 credits.)
+$10.00 per credit
Proctor Fee
For any test administered independently for individuals who are not WVC students.)
Radiologic Technology $52.00
Tech Prep (one-time charge) $15.00
(Covers the actual cost of the test.)
Graduation Fees
GED Graduation $10.00
Graduation Fee
(Ceremony and materials)
Miscellaneous Fees
ABE / ESL ID $10.00
per request
Allied Health Key / ID Replacement
(Fees cover cost of replacing lost keys and clinical ID cards)
per item
Application Fee - Limited Enrollment Programs $50.00

ASWVC student ID card replacement(Wenatchee campus only)

per request
Comprehensive Fee
(Omak campus fee dedicated to various student areas rather than collecting individual fees; e.g., graduation, parking lot maintenance).
$1.00 to
$10.00 per quarter
Flagger Card Replacement $20.00
International Student Application Fee $80.00
Invoice Fee $10.00
Lost Keys / Other WVC items Up to $10.00 per item
Military Credit
(Maximum of 15 credits)
per credit
NSF Processing Fee $40.00
per item
Online Class Fee
(Covers WAOL enrollment charges, testing, online periodical service and other associated charges.)
per credit
Payment Plan Charge $25.00
Payment Plant Late Charge $20.00
Registration Fee $5.00
Transcript Fee $4.50
per request
Tape Copy / Rental Fee for Telecourse Class
(Dedicated to costs of copying, handling and processing course tapes required for telecourse classes.)
Student Housing
Dorm Deposit (one-time charge) $400.00
Application Fee (one-time charge) $50.00
Dorm Damage Charge Variable
Dorm Technology Fee $55.00



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