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Refund Policy

A refund of tuition and fees, exclusive of any registration fee, will be made in compliance with the following policy, except where federal regulations supercede, when a student withdraws from college or class(es).  Students should apply for any refund through the admissions office.  This policy is subject to change without notice by the WVC Board of Trustees. 


For classes that begin the first week of the quarter


Withdrawal on or before the fifth business day of the quarter.

100% refund


Withdrawal after the fifth day and through the 20th business day of the quarter (for fall, winter and spring quarters only).

50% refund (fall, winter, spring quarters)


Withdrawal after the fifth day and through the 16th business day for summer quarter only.
50% refund (summer quarter)


Classes or programs cancelled by WVC.

100% refund


Withdrawal from a continuing education course before class begins.

100% refund


Note:  After a continuing education class begins, any requests for a refund must be made  in writing to the continuing education director.



Classes with irregular instructional starting days.


Refunds will be based on the published starting date of the class and follow the schedule outlined above.



Refund Payments 


Once the refund has been calculated, and if you paid with check or cash, you can choose to receive a check for the amount or have it credited to your WVC account.  If you paid by credit card, the refund will be credited back to that card. 


Please note that WVC will not print refund checks for less than $25.  Any refund under $25 will automatically be credited to your WVC account.


If it is determined that you have outstanding charges with WVC (tuition, library fines, etc), the amount can be deducted from any refund you may receive. 


If your tuition was paid by financial aid, the type of aid you received will determine how any refunds are processed.  Please contact the financial aid office at 509.682.6810 if you have any questions.



Insurance Fees


·         A 100% refund is available through the first week of the quarter.

·         No refund will be made after the first week.

·         No refund is available if an insurance claim has been filed.



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