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WVC Foundation Staff

Stacey Lockhart 
Stacey Lockhart
Executive Director
E-mail: slockhart@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6415
Office: Wenatchi Hall 2322E


 Tammie Parkinson
Tammie Parkinson
Foundation Coordinator
E-mail: tparkinson@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6410
Office: Wenatchi Hall Third Floor


Cindy Goodell
Cindy Goodell
Fiscal Analyst 2
E-mail: cgoodell@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6412
Office: Wenatchi Hall Third Floor


James Coker
James Coker
Alumni Coordinator
E-mail: jcoker@wvc.edu
Phone: 509.682.6413
Office: Wenatchi Hall Third Floor

Foundation Board Members

Ron Lodge    Michelle Green    John Edwards 
Ron Lodge
  Michelle Green
Vice President
  John Edwards

  Steve Zimmerman    


  Steve Zimmerman
Immediate Past President
    Mario Cantu    Sandra Clarke 
Sheila Callihan   Mario Cantu   Sandra Clarke
Darrell Dickeson    Sara Lippert    Daryl Miller 
Darrell Dickeson   Sara Lippert   Daryl Miller
Gary Montague    Theresa Ogan    Chris Rasmussen
Gary Montague   Theresa Ogan   Chris Rasmussen
Kim Richardson    Robert Sandidge   Alex Stoll 
Kim Richardson   Robert Sandidge   Alex Stoll
Alisa Strutzel    Chris Ward    Barbara Wilson 
Alisa Strutzel   Chris Ward   Barbara Wilson

1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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116 West Apple Ave., Omak, WA 98841
Phone: (509) 422-7800

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