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Spring Barbara Wilson Women's Luncheon

Barbara Wilson Women's Luncheon image
Thirty-six women attended the Barbara Wilson Women's Luncheon this spring.


On Thursday, April 8, the WVC Foundation hosted the spring Barbara Wilson Women's Luncheon at the Wenatchee Golf and Country Club. Thirty-six women attended. In addition to being a social opportunity and a way for the WVC Foundation to thank the women for their support, it was also an opportunity for the ladies to learn about the WVC Adult Basic Skills and GED programs through staff member Linda Johnson and student Sandra Warrington. As a result of the luncheon and presentation, several of the women have begun volunteering as mentors for the program. The program has also received donations of books and magazines.

The WVC Foundation recently established a GED Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to help pay for students' testing fees in the program.

To learn more about the program or find out how to get involved, contact Stacey Lockhart at 509.682.6415.

Annual financial review completed

The annual financial review of the WVC Foundation by Linder & Goetz CPA has been completed and is available for review on the WVC Foundation Financial Information page.


WVC Foundation welcomes new board member John Edwards

John EdwardsJohn Edwards, chief financial operator of Red Rock Financial Consulting, has joined the WVC Foundation board of directors as the secretary-treasurer.

Edwards is a third-generation Seattle native who recently relocated to the Wenatchee Valley. He received his MBA in finance from Seattle University. Through Red Rock Financial Consulting, he assists small to mid-size companies with projects for auditing, mergers acquisitions and strategic planning. He has over 20 years of financial management, business operations and information systems experience.

Edwards enjoys giving back to the communities in which he lives. His past volunteer experience includes mentoring for the Albers School of Business and Entrepreneurship Program. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, hiking, snow skiing and bicycling.


Inaugural Barbara Wilson WVC Women’s Luncheon held Nov. 14

Barbara Wilson WVC Women's Luncheon guests
Guests at the Barbara Wilson WVC Women's Luncheon included (left to right): Suzanne MacPherson, Ardie VanWell, honoree Barbara Wilson, Bobbie Schroeder, Barbara deRubertis and Shirley McArthur.


On Thursday, Nov. 14, the WVC Foundation hosted the Barbara Wilson WVC Women’s Luncheon, the first of a new series of luncheons at the Wenatchee Golf and Country Club. Guests included generous women to the college who have endowed scholarships, donated to major campaign initiatives such as the Music and Art Center, and made significant contributions to the college.

Speakers included WVC biology professor Rob Fitch, who discussed how contributions to the foundation have supported his research and continuing education, and WVC student body president Matt Draggoo, who shared that he will be able to graduate debt free because of the scholarship support he received through the foundation and private giving. WVC Foundation board member and financial planning expert Wendell Cayton also shared some tips and information about making informed decisions when making gifts to any charitable organization.

ASWVC President Matt Draggoo and Barbara Wilson
Guest speakers at the
luncheon included ASWVC
President Matt Draggoo,
pictured here with Barbara
The luncheon was named in honor of longtime WVC Foundation board member Barbara Wilson for all of her contributions to the college, including her financial support of the Nurses for Tomorrow capital campaign with her late husband, and for her tireless work and advocacy on behalf of the WVC Foundation and the college in the community.

Foundation executive director Stacey Lockhart explained that these luncheons are an opportunity for the WVC Foundation to say thank you to the women of the Wenatchee Valley who have generously supported the college and students.

“So many generous ladies have supported our efforts over the years, and we need to let them hear for themselves how their generosity has helped recipients,” Lockhart said. “Giving through the WVC Foundation is an investment that changes lives, and I want to share all of the inspiring stories that I have the opportunity to hear with the ones who are making our work possible.”

Feedback about the event was overwhelmingly positive, and the WVC Foundation plans to host the luncheons twice a year. The next one will be in April 2013. There are also plans to expand the luncheon to include women who have an interest in supporting higher education in the Wenatchee Valley.


WVC receives $25,000 Alcoa Foundation grant

Wenatchee Valley College Foundation was awarded a $25,000 Industrial Technology Program Enhancement grant from the Alcoa Foundation this month. The funds will be used to purchase four pieces of equipment that will replace older equipment currently used in WVC’s Industrial Technology program. The newer equipment will also expand the program’s capacity to provide machining trade skills.

The new equipment to be purchased includes a large band saw, hydraulic tube bender and two metal lathe/mill combos.

WVC students who to take courses in drafting, welding and fabrication, aerospace electronics, industrial electronics, automotive technology, refrigeration, and agriculture programs will benefit from the use of these machines, and they will gain entry-level knowledge into machining trades, such as tool making, iron working, and other manufacturing technologies.

“Students will be able to learn about the equipment, learn the safety procedures associated with the equipment, and then begin fabricating,” said Zack Jacobson, WVC Industrial Technology program director. “They’ll bring that knowledge into their profession and be more competitive in the job market, where they may be competing against others who haven’t had the opportunity to work on machines like these.”

The need for new machining tools came from the reaction Jacobson received from his machining contacts, he explained. “They were shocked that we didn’t have these tools,” he said.

Jacobson, WVC Associate Dean of Workforce Education Dean Mary Watson and WVC Foundation Executive Directory Stacey Lockhart applied to the Alcoa Foundation for the funds to purchase the necessary equipment.

“Alcoa has a machine shop and a metal fabrication shop, and they’re frequently hiring,” Jacobson said. “Our ability to train students to use this equipment will enable the college to help Alcoa meet their employment needs.”

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