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Honoring Fred Schultz

ASWVC officers Matt Draggoo and Cameron Johnson
2012-13 ASWVC President Matt Draggoo, right, passes
Fred Schultz's class ring on to 2013-14 ASWVC
President Cameron Johnson.


In July of 1989, Frank and Loretta Schultz established the Fred Schultz President's Award with the WVC Foundation in honor and memory of their son Fred.Fred was adopted by Frank and Loretta when he was 15 months old. Until coming to live with Frank and Loretta, Fred was left along for long periods of time, often without food, and slept in the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers.

Fred's life changed dramatically after he came to live with the Schultzes but he still carried some of the scars and fears from his early months of being neglected.

A turning point in Fred's life was as a young man attending Wenatchee Valley College. The early seventies were a time of social and racial unrest at WVC. Fred ran for the office of ASWVC President and with the help of his good friend and mentor, Don Schoening, he truly made a difference.

During Fred's tenure as ASWVC President, many positive changes were seen at WVC. Many positive changes were seen in Fred as well. The troubled, angry and hurt child became a strong and caring young man.

Due to the tremendous responsibilities of his office and his college classes, Fred was forced to quit his part-time job. Recognizing the hardship this could be for future WVC student leaders, the Schultzes endowed the Fred Schultz President's Award, which would provide a minimum of $1,500 per year which the recipient could use for any of his or her needs.

In 1971 at the young age of only 25, Fred was killed in a rock climbing accident. Prior to attending WVC, Fred served with the United States Paratroopers and was a Vietnam Veteran. At the time of his death, he was employed as a supervisor for the Washington State Parks Rehabilitation Department.

Fred Schultz's name lives on through the Fred Schultz President's Award and the Fred Schultz Wing in Van Tassell Center on the WVC campus, where you can find a memorial plaque on the wall.   It was the hope of Frank and Loretta Schultz that Fred's demonstrated leadership during difficult times would be an inspiration to student leaders in years to come.

A tradition that began as well with this endowment is the passing of Fred's class ring year after year between ASWVC Presidents. This tradition continues today. In the photo above, Matt Draggoo, 2012-13 ASWVC President, is passing Fred's class ring onto Cameron Johnson, ASWVC President for 2013-14.

In later years, family members established a second fund with the WVC Foundation to recognize outstanding service by faculty. Though Frank and Loretta Schultz have passed on, Fred's sister, Linda (Shultz) Herzog, lives in Moses Lake, Washington, and enjoys receiving reports on the endowment from the WVC Foundation annually.

The WVC Foundation is honored to be able to work with alumni and friends of the college who wish to establish scholarships and special funds to honor and remember loved ones. If you would like to explore leaving a legacy at Wenatchee Valley College, contact Stacey Lockhart, executive director of the WVC Foundation at 509.682.6415 or slockhart@wvc.edu and she will be happy to meet and discuss your wishes and work with your to establish a fund that will meet your wishes and philanthropic intent.



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