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Faculty Directory

Below you will find a complete list of all of our full-time faculty members, along with their degree information.

Omak Campus


 Anne Coghlan

Coghlan, Anne (2005)
BSN, MSN, University of Washington

 Peter Donahue

Donahue, Peter (2010)
B.A., English, University of Washington
M.A., English, Virginia Tech
Ph.D., English, Oklahoma State University

 David Lindeblad

Lindeblad, David (1978)
History, Political Science, Basic Skills
B.A., M.Ed., Eastern Washington University

 Mary McIvor

McIvor, Mary (2006)
Business Computer Technology
B.A., Biology, Sonoma State University
M.S., Instructional Technology, Utah State University

 Jean Rogers

Rodgers, Jean (2004)
B.S., Forest Resources, University of New Hampshire
M.S., Forest Analyses and Planning, Michigan State University
MBA, Managerial Leadership, City University

 Sheryl Smith

Smith, Sheryl (2012)


Vicki Turner 

Turner, Vicki (1996)
A.A., Spokane Community College
AAS, Wenatchee Valley College
B.A., Social Work, Eastern Washington University
M.Ed., Educational Guidance and Counseling, Heritage College

Wenatchee Campus  
Karen Alman

Alman, Karen (2012)
B.A., Communications, Journalism, University of West Indies
M.A., Communications Management, University of Southern California
PhD, Communications, Media Advertising, Michigan State University

 Scott Bailey

Bailey, Scott (2003)
Fine Arts
B.A., Art, Gonzaga University
MFA, Painting, Colorado State University

Sompheng Batch

Batch, Sompheng (2012)
Business Computer Technology
B.S., Business Education, Central Washington University
M.Ed, Management and Innovation, Western Governors University

 David Bennatt

Bennatt, David (2005)
B.S., Zoology, University of Washington
Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology,
University of Notre Dame

Dr. Stephen Berard 

Berard, Stephen (1989)
World Languages
B.A., Classics, University of California-Los Angeles
M.A., Latin, University of California-Berkeley
M.A., German, Monterey Institute of International Studies
C.Phil., Classics, University of California-Berkeley
Ph.D., Germanic Philology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Garrick Booth 

Booth, Garrick (1988)
B.A., Math Education, University of Southern Colorado
M.A., Math, University of Colorado

 Rich Brinkman

Brinkman, Richard (2008)
B.A., Sociology, University of Oregon
M.A., Sociology, Iowa State University

 Dave Burns

Burns, Dave (2001)
Computer Technology and Systems
B.A., Anthropology, Western Washington University
B.A., Education, Western Washington University

Christa Cacciata

Cacciata, Christa (2012)
B.A., Math, San Diego State University
M.A., Math, California State University-Fullerton

 Jim Cannon

Cannon, Jim (1969)
Economics, History
A.A., Wenatchee Valley College
B.A., M.A., Economics, Washington State University

1987-88 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

 Gayle Carlson

Carlson, Gayle (2002)
ATS, Wenatchee Valley College
BSN, Gonzaga University

 Mike Choman

Choman, Michael (1994)
Accounting, Business
B.S., MBA, University of Wyoming

Dustin Clark

Clark, Dustin (2011)
B.A., History, Central Washington University
M.A., History, University of Washington

 Sandy Cooprider

Cooprider, Sandy (1971)
Physical Education
B.S., Physical Education, Montana State University
M.A., Physical Education, Whitworth College

2004-05 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

Dr. Ralph Dawes 

Dawes, Ralph (1999)
Earth Sciences
B.A., English--Language and Literature, Antioch College
B.S., Geology, Western Washington University
M.S., Ph.D. Geology, University of Washington

Tom Doherty Doherty, Tom (2013)
Automotive Technology
AA, Automotive Technology, Universal Technical
Arius Elvikis Elvikis, Arius (2014)
Art/Digital Design
BFA Fine Arts, Bradley University
MFA Fine Arts, Arizona State University
 Rob Fitch

Fitch, Rob (1989)
B.A., Aquatic Biology, University of California-Santa Barbara
M.S., Biology, University of British Columbia

1997-98 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

Melissa Fowler

Fowler, Melissa (2011)
B.A., Nursing, Brigham Young University
M.A., Nursing, University of Utah

 Greg Franz

Franz, Greg (1988)
Physical Education
A.S., York Junior College
B.A., Physical Education, Harding College
M.S., Physical Education, Indiana State University

 Leo Garcia

Garcia, Leo (1994)
A.A., Dodge City Community College
B.S., Horticulture, Washington State University

 JLene George

George, J’Lene (2008)
B.A., Psychology, University of Idaho
M.S., Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, University of Miami

Bob Gillespie 

Gillespie, Bob (1998)
Agriculture and Natural Resources
B.S., University of Nebraska
M.S., University of Idaho
Ph.D., Montana State University

 Bob Greiner

Greiner, Robert (2008)
Automotive Technology
A.A., Auto and Diesel Technology, Denver Auto and Diesel College
ASE Master Technician

 James Harrell

Harrell, James
Medical Assistant
AAS, Wenatchee Valley College

 Donna Henderson

Henderson, Donna (1996)
Adult Basic Education, Developmental English
B.A., Education, Central Washington State College
M.Ed., Education, Central Washington University

 Shane Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Shane (2008)
B.A., Chemistry, University of Washington
M.S., Medicinal Chemistry, University of Washington

Dr. Awanthi Hewage

Hewage, Awanthi (Dr.) (2014)
B.A., Chemistry, University of Columbo
PhD, Physical Chemistry, University of Nevada-Reno

 Juel Iwaasa

Iwaasa, Juel (2004)
B.M., M.M., Music Composition, Brigham Young University

 Zack Jacobson

Jacobson, Zack (1999)
Industrial Technology
A.S., A.A., Wenatchee Valley College
B.A., Physics, Central Washington University

 Jack Johnson

Johnson, Jack (1996)
English, Humanities
B.A., English and Philosophy, Central Washington University
M.A., English—Language and Literature, Southern Illinois University

 Greg Jourdan

Jourdan, Greg (1985)
Environmental Systems and Refrigeration Technology
A.S., Applied Refrigeration Science, Central Missouri State University
B.S., Industrial Engineering, Central Missouri State
M.A., C.Ed, Adult and Continuing Education, Washington State University

 Jan Kaiser

Kaiser, Jan (2000)
Medical Assistant
AAS, Nursing, Wenatchee Valley College

 Lunne Kottmeier

Kottmeier, Lynne (2005)
Developmental Education
B.S., M.Ed., Special Education, University of Missouri

 Mike Lavinder

Lavinder, Mike (1983)
A.A., Grays Harbor College
B.A., M.S., Math, Central Washington University

1988-89 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

 Erin Long

Long, Erin (2008)
Physical Education, Athletic Trainer
B.S., Physical Education and Health, Eastern Oregon University
M.S., Education, Nova Southeastern University

 Nelson Martin

Martin, Nelson (1999)
B.A., Accounting, Gonzaga University
MBA, Accounting, University of Arizona

 Gloria McGregor

McGregor, Gloria (2004)
BSN, Nursing, Union College
MSN, Nursing, University of Phoenix

 Joara Minharow

Minharo, Joara (2007)
Political Science
B.A., Political Science, Utah State University
M.S., Political Science, Western Washington University

 Barbara Oldham

Oldham, Barbara (2008)
B.A., Education, Washburn University
M.S., Library Science, Emporia State University

 Diana Oltman

Oltman, Diana (2006)
Business Computer Technology/BCT
B.S., Business Education, Central Washington University
M.Ed., Instructional Technology, Central Washington University

Michelle Peterson

Peterson, Michelle (2014)
Radiologic Technology
AAS, Radiologic Technology, Wenatchee Valley College

Shelly Pflugrath

Pflugrath, Shelly (2013)
BS, Biology, Washington State University
M.Ed, Counseling, Heritage College

Ryan Poortinga

Poortinga, Ryan (2014)
A.A., Wenatchee Valley College
B.A., M.A., Education, Counseling, Washington State University

Jaime Ramirez

Ramirez, Jaime (2014)
Chicano Studies/History
A.A., Yakima Valley Community College
B.A., Social Science, Washington State University
B.A., History, Washington State University
M.A., History, Washington State University

 Angie Redmon

Redmon, Angela (1998)
B.S., Math, University of Portland
M.S., Math, Eastern Washington University

2007-08 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

 Angie Russell

Russell, Angela (1997)
B.S., Math, Westminster College
M.S., Physics, University of Utah

Heather Ryan

Ryan, Heather (2014)
A.A., Bakersfield College
B.A., English, Portland State University
MFA, Creative Writing, University of Oregon

 Bertha Sanchez

Sanchez, Bertha (2007)
A.A., Wenatchee Valley College
B.S., Social Services, Central Washington University
M.Ed., Counseling, Heritage College

 Francisco Sarmiento

Sarmiento, Francisco (2006)
A.A., Tree Fruit Production, Wenatchee Valley College
B.S., Horticulture, Washington State University

 Amy Shank

Shank, Amy (2008)
B.A., M.A., English, Eastern Washington University
M.A., Teaching, Whitworth College

 Derek Sheffield

Sheffield, Derek (2003)
B.A., English, University of Washington
M.Ed., Education, Seattle University
MFA, Poetry, University of Washington

 Bob Smet

Smet, Robert (2008)
Criminal Justice
Certification, Crime and Intelligence Analyses, California State University
Certification, Forensics, University of Washington
Certification, Forensic Anthropology, Washington State University

 Steve Stefanides

Stefanides, Steven (1999)
Biology, Chemistry
B.A., Philosophy, Stanford University
M.S., Biology, Stanford University

 Dan Stephens

Stephens, Dan (1990)
B.S., Biology, Boise State University
M.S., Biology, Central Washington University
D.A., Biology Education, Idaho State University

2002-03 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

 Gerry Tiffany

Tiffany, Gerald (1989)
B.A., English & Communication Studies (double major), University of Iowa
M.A., Communication Research, University of Iowa BAE., Education, Eastern Washington University M.A., English, Eastern Washington University
MFA., Creative Writing, Eastern Washington University
1998-99 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

Patrick Tracy

Tracy, Patrick (2012)
Medical Laboratory Technology
B.S., Medical Technology, University of North Dakota
M.A., Linguistics, Adam Mickiewcz University

 Bruce Unger

Unger, Bruce (1988)
Physics, Pre-engineering
B.S., Physics, State University of New York-Oswego
M.S., Ph.D., Physics, Washington State University

2003-04 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

Craig Vander Hart 2013 1.5x2 bw

Vander Hart, Craig (2012)
B.A., Religion and Philosophy, Northwest University
M.A., Philosophy, Gonzaga University

 Bev Warman

Warman, Beverly (2000)
Chemical Dependency Studies
AAS, Wenatchee Valley College
B.A., Psychology, Western Washington University
M.Ed., Counseling Psychology, Heritage College

 Sharon Wiest

Wiest, Sharon (1996)
B.S., Math, Gonzaga University
M.S., Applied Math, University of Colorado

2008-09 Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year

 Pamela Wilson-McNamara

Wilson-McNamara, Pamela (2008)
Medical Laboratory Technology
Certificate, Medical Technologist, Brackenridge Hospital School of Medical Technology
B.S., Microbiology, University of Texas

 Mary Wolcott

Wolcott, Mary (2006)
AAA, Spokane Community College
B.Ed., Whitworth College
MSN, Nursing, Gonzaga Unviersity

Derin Wysham

Wysham, Derin (2013)
B.S., Mathematical Sciences, University of
PhD, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado

Susan Yale

Yale, Susan (2014)
A.A., ADN, Nursing, Wenatchee Valley College
B.A., Hospitality Business, Washington State University
MSN, Nursing Education, Gonzaga University

 Shelly Zimmerman

Zimmerman, Shelly (1989)
Radiologic Technology
AA, AAS, Radiologic Technology, Wenatchee Valley College

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