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Gerald Tiffany



English faculty member



BA in English, The University of Iowa

BA in Communication Studies, The University of Iowa

BAE in Speech and English Education, Eastern Washington University

MA in Communication Research, The University of Iowa

MA in English Literature, Eastern Washington University

MFA in Creative Writing, Eastern Washington University


Recipient: Students' Choice Awards: Funniest/Most Entertaining Professor (2001), Most Influential Professor (2002); and the Linda Schultz Herzog Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year Award (1998)


Year Joined WVC 1989
Classes Taught

English 101: General Composition

English 201: Advanced Composition

English 202: Composition: Critical Analysis

English 106: Introduction to Literature

English 135: Creative Writing

English 212: Contemporary Fiction

English 230: Survey of British Literature


Office 6026D
Phone 662-6726
E-mail Address gtiffany@wvc.edu
Website http://commons.wvc.edu/gtiffany/default.aspx
Areas of Prof. Interest Tiffany has taught in Anchorage and remote locations throughout Alaska, as well as Spokane and Cheney, Washington

He has traveled throughout Alaska (including the Aleutian Islands), Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America. He loves to teach, write, travel, garden and ride his motorcycle. image


























































Professor Tiffany and his muse.

Gerald Tiffany
English, Humanities
Contact Info

1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801
Phone: (509) 682-6800
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