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Chase Lemons: Chasing Dreams

Chase LemonsChase Lemons is following a family tradition with his educational goals. Both of his older sisters, Megan and Kelley, completed the Running Start program at Wenatchee Valley College and attended the University of Washington. Megan earned a degree in biochemistry and Kelley a degree in electrical engineering. Now in his second year as a WVC Running Start student, Chase plans to pursue a mathematics degree at the UW this fall, while also completing his prerequisites for either medical or veterinary school.

 A motivated and focused student, he has taken a 20-credit load four out of eight quarters, and has completed course sequences in biology, general chemistry, engineering physics and calculus. He will graduate this June with an associate of science-transfer degree. In addition to his heavy load at WVC, Chase worked full time as a lifeguard at the Leavenworth City Pool last summer and completed his senior project at Cashmere High School last fall, which involved teaching a math class in advanced math concepts.

 “I’ve always liked math,” he said. “I’ve struggled with English a bit, but math always just came to me.”

 WVC Running Start Coordinator Ann Brown, who has advised all of the Lemons siblings, said that Chase has “accomplished a lot here. He’s very talented in the fact that he kept on track for what he wanted to do.”

 “I know where I want to be,” Chase explained, “and I want to start my career as soon as possible.”

 That career will involve becoming either a surgeon or a veterinarian, but if those don’t work out, he would like to use a mathematics degree to work for an engineering company. He is currently exploring options such as Boeing and Hollywood, where mathematicians work with graphic artists and computer scientists to create computer animation in film.

 Chase’s parents and both sisters inspired him in his educational goals, as well as WVC math faculty Sharon Wiest, who provided help both inside and outside the classroom.

 “Chase has been delightful to work with,” Wiest said. “He has an attention to detail and people like working with him on their class projects.”




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