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Sarah Brown: Inspired to Help Others

Sarah and son ParkerSarah Brown is a student who plans to pursue a master’s in social work in the future, a mom of three boys, the sophomore representative on the Wenatchee Valley College at Omak student senate, and founder of Parker’s Place, a camp for children/parents who are grieving the loss of a sibling/child.

Her inspiration for Parker’s Place (www.parkersplace.org) is her son Parker, who passed away less than two years ago at age eight from cancer. Most of the funds to support the camp were raised in the Omak area, Sarah said.

"I’m completely amazed how the Okanogan Valley and the college community supported us through Parker’s illness and after through the generous donations for other families who experienced the same thing."

This past June, 12 families participated free of charge in the first annual camp. It was three nights. Her goal is to make it a week-long camp.

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