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Core Abilities and Outcomes

For WVC Degree and Certificate Earners

The vision statement of WVC says, in part, that we are engaged in "transforming lives." Therefore, the faculty has developed curriculum that gives you opportunities to acquire life-changing abilities. Learning that lasts transcends discipline and program specific skills, competencies and knowledge.

We expect all degree and certificate holders to be able to demonstrate the abilities to think critically; communicate skillfully; locate, use and analyze information; act responsibly as an individual and team member; seek knowledge, information and diverse viewpoints; and clarify and apply a personal set of values and ethics.

Wenatchee Valley College embeds learning toward achieving these abilities in all of our courses so that students have repeated practice that will produce deep, lasting learning.

We are committed to continually assessing both what our students know and can do, and how we can improve their college experience.

Wenatchee Valley College Abilities Outcomes

Through the course of pursuing degrees and certificates from WVC, successful students will be able to:

  • Problem solve (think critically and creatively, reason quantitatively and qualitatively)
  • Communicate orally, in writing and through artistic expression
  • Interact socially through collaboration, ethical and professional conduct, and cultural diversity
  • Inquire using information literacy, research and documentation.

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